Team Chat - a Communication Tool for the Next Generation

Leverage the Power of Technology

More and more people are spending the majority of their day on mobile phones – why not leverage this to your advantage? With Team Chat, you can directly contact your employees in real time and share information with ease. You can use this communication tool on desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

Group chat via Ximble’s communication tool

Anytime, Anywhere

ximbleChat gives you the ability to contact your team during and off work hours. Notify them of any sudden changes or send updates whenever you need to. Even if you have remote staff or employees located in different countries, communication will be as simple and quick as if they were there in person.

Direct messaging via Ximble’s communication tool

Create a Community

By sharing information equally and giving your staff the chance to share their ideas and comments with the whole team, you can empower them and increase their productivity and satisfaction. Motivation and positive reinforcement is vital in keeping your employees happy and eager to work. Bring your team closer together to improve cohesiveness and create a great company environment!

Reach your staffimmediately

Streamline Information

Team Chat allows you to create specific groups for your employees – you can create groups how ever you see fit, be it by department, seniority or project. Creating separate channels will give you the ability to focus and direct information to specific team immediately. You can also use these channels to send reminders and deadline updates to specific groups according to their projects and assignments.

Clear Up Misunderstandings

With instant messaging through our secure communication tool, you can tackle possible misunderstandings that occur when managing a team. Employees can freely ask for advice or clarification in a safe environment, and you can send and post feedback on the message board to make sure your team understands their roles and tasks.

Instant messaging made possible via ximbleChat

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