Ximble Kiosk - Accurate, Simple & Efficient The easiest way to start and end your work day.

Keeping track of all your employee work hours can be a tedious and timely tasks. Flipping through spreadsheets, scrolling through
emails and Excel sheets are now a thing of the past! Embrace the new technology and improve your time tracking methods.

Pin Code Clock In

With personalized pin codes, your staff can clock in and out instantaneously from any location you chose. Pin codes are simple to use and make the clock in and out process quick if you manage a large staff base.

QR Codes

Want something faster than pin codes to use with photoClock? We got it! You also have the option of personalized QR codes. You can print them out and use the hard copy or scan it via mobile device.

Accurate Timesheets

With the use of Ximble’s time tracking module on your tablet, you can have an on hand overview of all your employees’ clock in and out timesheets. With the accurate times, you can easily view your labor costs and track employee activities during their work hours. You can have an overview of breaks taken by each employee and their length as well as monitor start and end times of particular activities.


Save Your Time

Imagine the clock in process of a large number of employees all at once. Even if they arrived on time, by the time they reach the beginning of the line to clock in, they are already a few minutes late for their shift. With the tablet app, your employees can clock in swiftly and proceed to their daily activities instantaneously. With Ximble Kiosk, you can speed up the clock in process and save time that would have been lost on less efficient clock in procedures.

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