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The Best Online Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking Software for Vet Clinics and Animal Hospitals

The Most Effective Employee Scheduler for Vet Clinics and Animal Hospitals

Take control of your employee scheduling and time tracking process to provide better animal care.
Manage emergency requests, sudden changes in the schedule as well as employee overtime with ease.



How can Ximble help pet clinics and veterinary hospitals

Managing vet clinics, animal hospitals and hotels and even pet grooming businesses can be stressful. Running such a business can be demanding and requires precision, good organization and skill in order to provide the best service possible. Maintaining a balanced schedule can be time consuming in such a fast paced line of work. Knowing employee availability, contacting relevant staff in emergency cases, tracking overtime and making sure your staff gets enough rest between shifts can be challenging especially when you try to incorporate their personal requests into the schedule. With Ximble’s online employee scheduling software, your employees will have the ability to submit requests online for shifts, time off and mark their unavailability to ease your schedule creating process.

How can Ximble help animal hospitals and vet clinics?

  • Help avoid shift overlaps and double booking
  • Avoid misunderstandings between employees and supervisors
  • Improve overall employee communication
  • Quick and easy employee rostering
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of your staff
  • Accurate reporting for worked hours
  • SMS and push notification system


Take the stress out of
employee scheduling

When it comes down to creating the ultimate schedule for your employees, you need to consider all the relevant factors like staff availability, personal requests, avoiding overworking the staff and shift overlaps. There are also variables you cannot predict when working in animal hospitals and vet clinics and those are the emergency cases. With ximbleChat, you can reach your relevant staff in real time and ensure adequate shift coverage for emergency situations. Ximble’s online scheduling software allows employees to submit requests to the schedule for open shifts as well as request time off, shift swaps and even cover for each other. Ximble also allows you to manage multiple locations, so if your business has more than one office, or you have remote staff, you can easily manage them from the same platform. The schedule is customizable so you can personalize it to fit your vet clinic’s needs. You can adjust the schedule based on an employee, position and even department. You can also have a daily, weekly or monthly schedule overview.


ximbleChat is the ultimate tool to improve your team’s communication. You can reach your staff in real time and notify them of emergencies, shift changes, company news and assignments. You can also create specific groups for specialized personnel such as a group for doctors, receptionists or remote staff. Through ximbleChat, you can share images, documents, files and exchange messages. Communication is vital when running such a demanding business and keeping your staff well informed and up to date with assignments is important. With this secure online chatting platform you can avoid misunderstandings as well as reduce and even eliminate any conflicts that may occur in such a stressful line of work.



Save Time with Ximble’s
Time Tracking Module

Ximble also provides you with the finest time tracking tool to manage your labor costs more effectively and simplify your payroll process. This intuitive time tracking module allows you to view accurate clock in and out times of all your staff. To prevent buddy punching, Ximble offers a photoClock feature that takes a photo of each user that punches in. You can also choose the option of QR and pin codes. Each user has a personalized pin or QR code that they need to enter or scan in order to clock in and out. These features allow you to rest easy knowing the employees you selected are covering their designated shifts. Moreover, you can also use Ximble’s geo-fencing feature to select a specific location from which your employees are allowed to clock in and out from. The geo-fence option prevents your employees from punching in or out of random locations just to keep the time running and then request overtime. With Ximble’s time tracking module, you can avoid the risk of buddy punching and time theft in one go. As you will have a clear overview of each employees accurate hours worked, running payroll will be a swift and easy task.

Automated SMS and push notifications

Keeping your staff up to date with newly assigned shifts has never been easier with Ximble’s automated SMS and push notification system. Once you schedule shifts for your employees, they will receive automated notifications to their mobile phone via our phone app, or simply via SMS service. This ensures your staff is promptly informed and also serves as a shift reminder. With SMS and push notifications, you can reduce absenteeism and tardiness by over 40%.


Ximble Benefits

Ximble helps businesses and organizations of all sizes to be more productive.

  • Save time on managerial activities
  • Speed up the payroll process
  • On hand access to all relevant information
  • Mobile and tablet app
  • Managing multiple business locations from one platform
  • Easy to use and intuitive software
  • Real time chatting platform
  • Employee availability overview
  • Eliminates the risk of buddy punching and time theft

Wise Owl Animal Hospital


Ximble’s help has allowed a nurse to give an ill dog their medication on time, a stray kitten hit by a car to have all hands on deck when they arrived, and given our clinic the ability to better schedule so we have a full staff for shifts to provide care and treatment to the 80-120 patients our team sees daily.

K’tanaw Hirsch - Practice Manager – Wise Owl Animal Hospital

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