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Scheduling & Time Tracking for
Services Sector

Swift and Simple Resolution for Scheduling Your Staff in the Services Sector

Regardless of the industry you are in, we can all agree that being well organized means staying on track with company goals, increasing productivity and growth.



How Ximble can be used in the Services sector

Empower your employees by allowing them to request shifts in the open schedule as well as request time off. Create a happier labor force and increase productivity by creating a better work life balance for yourself and your employees. Employees can also request to trade shifts and cover for each other to ensure adequate shift coverage. Employees can also mark on their profiles when they are unavailable, and if the manager schedules them during a time they marked themselves unavailable, a warning pop-up will appear. If your business has multiple branches in different locations or even countries, you can still manage them all through Ximble. Sometimes managers are required to wear multiple hats, and having Ximble will help them focus more on their job role instead of filling the shoes of other departments.

Why should you choose Ximble for your service?

  • Have an overview of each employee’s availability
  • Decrease miscellaneous expenses and administrative costs
  • Manage multiple locations or branches from the same system
  • Schedule can be tailored to your needs
  • Run payroll and track labor costs with just a couple of clicks
  • Eliminate buddy punching and reduce absenteeism


Plan your staff's work schedule like a boss

The Ximble schedule is customizable to fit your needs and preferences. You can add a countless number of employees without having to rearrange the entire schedule from scratch. Whether you are a large enterprise with seasonal employees and freelancers or a smaller institution with fewer employees, the Ximble schedule can help you reduce the time you spend on spread sheets and focus on improving workforce efficiency. Our software can keep up with your needs through many features such as automated scheduling where your employees are automatically put in the schedule’s open shifts based on their job role and position they hold in the company. Employees can also request shifts in the open shift slots in the schedule, all their request relies on is the manager’s approval or disapproval.


You and your team can stay in touch and share files and documents through ximbleChat. Through this chatting platform, you can keep all members of your staff informed in real time. You also have the option to create groups and send direct messages to whomever you decide, that way you can ensure that the right people are getting the relevant information. Based on your preference, employees can also receive emails, push notifications and SMS to let them know of any changes in the schedule or shift reminders.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble


Track employee work cycle effortlessly

Apart from communication, planning and employee scheduling, Ximble also has a time tracking module which allows your staff to clock in and clock out from any location making it easier for you to track paid time. You can select from which location employees can clock in, that way you are sure they are starting their shift from their designated locations. With this time tracking ability, you will be able to run payroll swiftly. Your employees can also mark activities they have during their shift, such as lunch breaks or beginnings of special projects and when they end.

Manage Payroll

By entering your employees’ hourly wage, you can better control labor costs and paid overtime. You can also make sure you are respecting your country’s labor laws and regulations. And if you have employees that work from multiple locations, we can take care of that, too. You never have to worry about double booking your staff again. With Ximble, you can have a clear overview and full control of the organization.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble

Ximble Benefits

Ximble helps businesses and organizations of all sizes to be more productive.

  • Send push notifications and SMS to staff to notify of any shift changes
  • Take care of daily tasks from your mobile device
  • Reduce time it takes to schedule and track employee work hours
  • Customize Ximble to your requirements
  • Manage payroll in seconds
  • Reduce HR expenses
  • Create a clear communication flow amongst all staff
  • Manage multiple locations from the same platform

DG Studio


Ximble is very useful when it comes to managing employee timesheets and the software is so easy to use! I especially love the jobs/activities option that allows me to add lunch and other scheduled breaks my staff needs to follow. The support chat is also very helpful!

Zuigly Gudiel - DG Studio

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