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Create more efficient schedules for a more productive workforce.

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Why choose Ximble scheduling software for you service?

Services scheduling software helps to create better schedules for both your employees and your business. Empower employees by allowing them to request open shifts, time-off, and set their availability. Facilitate easy shift-swapping between employees. All you need to do is approve – allowing you to concentrate on running the service company.

How can Ximble software help your service company become more efficient ?

  • See a clear overview of each employee’s availability
  • Decrease miscellaneous expenses and administrative costs
  • Manage multiple locations or branches from one system
  • Track labor costs and run payroll with just a couple of clicks
  • Eliminate buddy punching and reduce absenteeism

What Makes Ximble a Great Fit for Your Service Company

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Better schedules for better service business

Add or remove employees without having to rearrange the entire schedule. Reduce the time you spend scheduling, no matter how big the size of your service company is. Allow staff to pick up open shifts, or automatically assign shifts based on position, rank, and availability.

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Saving time with the best employee time clock app


Best time tracking software for service industries

Ximble’s time tracking module offers multiple methods by which staff can clock in and out, whether staff work in an office or remotely. Generate timesheets you can trust thanks to facial recognition and geo-fencing technology. Learn more about the work day, by tracking jobs, activities, and breaks.

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service company scheduling software

Payroll Data

Payroll with precision

Create perfect payroll data, ready for export without correction. Ximble service scheduling software calculates differential pay rates, complex overtime rules, and labor law compliance wherever your employees work. No matter how complicated, we have you covered and let you always keep track of labor cost.

services scheduling software

Ximble Time Tracking App On-the-Go

Manage anywhere

Our smartphone apps let you always stay in control of staff scheduling, no matter where you are. Service company employees benefit too, as they can receive notifications, switch shifts and even clock in on their phones.

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Benefits of using Ximble

Ximble helps companies of all sizes in the Service industry be more productive.


“Ximble is very useful when it comes to managing employee timesheets and the software is so easy to use! I especially love the jobs/activities option that allows me to add lunch and other scheduled breaks my staff needs to follow. The support chat is also very helpful!”

Zuigly Gudiel – DG Studio

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“The top reasons for choosing Ximble were cost, flexibility and integration. The fact that it integrates with both our HRIS and Payroll systems is a huge help.”

Kim Waldron – Director of HR, Collab Inc.

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“Scheduling and payroll is one of those necessary tasks that must be done, but is of low strategic importance to our social and business related goals. It shouldn’t take any more time or effort than absolutely necessary, and with Ximble, it doesn’t!”

Pierre-Jean Cobut – Founder, Spry Health

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“The interface is great. Easy-to-use scheduling, timecards, reports, and employee profiles. And it’s integrated with both our POS and payroll software.”

Doug Smith – Owner of Fast-Fix Denver

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“Ximble saves us so much time and offers superb accuracy in exactly how long employees are working – no more rounding up or down. It also gives employees more transparency in their pay.”

Becky O’Mara – Director of Operations, Bearings Bike Shop

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“Before we had Ximble, the main problem was that creating a schedule could take as long as three or four hours. Now, I don’t have to look through papers, forms or calendars. I can see all availabilities on one screen.”

Nicholas Nowlan – Area Team Leader at Menchie’s

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