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How can your security
company use Ximble

Managers and security agency owners often struggle when managing their team as they have multiple staff scattered across various locations. It’s difficult to track the exact start and end times of employees’ shifts, whether they come in late or don’t show up, or even if the designated employee is covering his shift. Keeping your employees informed of their assigned shifts can also be challenging as the majority of your security personnel works at different time during the day. With Ximble, you can effectively schedule your remote workers across any number of locations from the same platform. You can receive accurate reports of completed work hours for each employee, which will provide you with a clear overview of your labor expenses.

How can Ximble benefit your security agency?

  • Notify your security staff of newly assigned shifts immediately
  • Contact your staff in real time
  • Manage employees that work from different locations
  • Simplify the clock in and out process
  • Increase employee efficiency and productivity
  • Track schedule and hours worked through your mobile device
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to create the schedule
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Enhance your employee
scheduling techniques

It is important for the right security guard to be in the right place and at the right time. Providing protection and safety for your clients is what your agency focuses on doing the best. Ximble’s online shift scheduler provides you with the ultimate tool to ensure appropriate shift coverage and provide client satisfaction. The software can be tailored to your protection company’s needs and it simplifies your shift assigning process. The employees have the ability to request shifts in the open schedule, trade shifts as well as cover for each other. The ability to allow them to request shifts can increase their morale, reduce late starters and eliminate conflicts. Communication is vital in such line of work which is why Ximble also provides a secure chatting platform through which you can contact your employees instantaneously. Sometimes your company can also have clients that are on a need-to-know basis. With ximbleChat, you can create specific groups for specialized guards only to keep sensitive information secure.

Multiple locations and automated notifications

Ximble’s schedule maker gives you the ability to schedule your employees across any number of locations, all through the same platform. Whether your staff is scattered across the city or even country, you can effectively manage them with Ximble. More importantly, your employees can instantaneously receive automated SMS and push notifications whenever you assign new shifts, regardless of their current whereabouts. This ensures all your security guards are aware of their shifts on time.



Accurate data and
labor expense reporting

Apart from scheduling, Ximble also simplifies your time tracking process. The time clock module allows your employees to clock in and out swiftly from any location. And you are provided with the accurate worked hours of all your staff. Employees can clock in using the photoClock feature which takes a photo of the user as well as using QR and pin codes. These features prevent buddy punching, so you can rest at ease knowing the assigned security guard is where he is assigned to be. Our time and attendance tracker provides you with accurate data that will make running payroll quick and precise. Moreover, with the geo-fencing feature you can select a specific location from which your employees are allowed to clock in and out. This option serves to keep your mind at ease knowing your employees are not clocking in just to keep their time running to increase their worked hours. With Ximble, you can save over 70% of your time on managerial activities.

Ximble’s Mobile App

Ximble has a mobile application that makes sharing information quick and easy. Each employee can view their schedule at all times as well as clock in and out with their mobile device. Using the mobile app can improve your team’s communication and cohesiveness. You can also create schedules and receive requests via mobile phone. Now scheduling and tracking worked hours can be done on the go or even from the comfort of your own home.


Benefits of using Ximble

  • Schedule your remote staff through the same platform
  • Manage request with the click of a button
  • Save time on administrative activities
  • Have a clear overview of labor expenses
  • Manage multiple locations with ease
  • Eliminate buddy punching and time theft
  • Run operations through your mobile device

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Opening the schedule view and seeing all our resources lined up for missions was motivational and effective. Our team’s efficiency and communication improved as well as our overall service. The ability to accurately track employee work hours was a time saver for payroll processing. It was easy, effective and bullet proof.

Fred Jimenez - IT Support, Liquid Consulting, Inc

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