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Imagine if you could cut administrative costs and improve workforce efficiency all in one go. With Ximble retail scheduling software you can!

Efficient retail scheduling


Why choose Ximble for your store?

The retail sector is an incredibly fast paced environment with ever-changing seasonal and part time staff. Retail scheduling is always subject to changes even in the last minute. Retail employees usually work two jobs at a time and often request different shift timings every week or they are students who work part time. Managers then have to balance the schedule to accommodate the employees. Ximble offers the perfect solution for such fast paced changes. Our retail scheduling software allows employees to request open shifts and time off through the system and then the manager either approves or declines these requests. Employees can also request to trade shifts with other employees through the software, which ensures proper shift coverage. Due to retail scheduling conflicts or abrupt requests, managers spend less valuable time on the floor and more time rearranging the schedule and adjusting to the employee requests.

How can Ximble help your store be more efficient?

  • Provides clear overview of employee availability
  • Saves time on tracking and sorting unpredictable employee requests
  • Eliminates calls supervisors get during off hours and instead receive requests online
  • Empowers employees and increases productivity by letting them request open shifts and swap shifts through the system
  • Lets managers spend more time on the floor instead of back of house looking for replacements
  • Provides easy access to the schedule to all staff through phone or desktop
  • Eliminates employee and shift conflicts
Efficient retail scheduling


The ultimate retail scheduling software

Ximble’s retail staff scheduling software is the perfect solution to make your scheduling process a breeze. When it comes to the retail industry, being able to add and remove staff with ease is important. Stores are always hiring new seasonal staff such as students who want to work for the summer. With our retail employee scheduling app, you can add and remove staff swiftly and without having to make a new schedule all together. You can adjust the schedule any way you prefer, be it an overview of the daily tasks, weekly or even a calendar view. If you are already using a schedule maker like Excel, don’t worry, you can just import your existing schedule into Ximble. Another benefit Ximble offers is the ability to manage your store in multiple locations. This means that you can schedule your staff from all of your stores and shops in one place. You can add any number of store locations to Ximble’s schedule, even if they are located in different countries.


Communication is vital in the retail sector as there can be a lot of staff to schedule and notify of shift timings. We have the answer to ensure a perfect communication flow among staff and managers. With ximbleChat, all your employees can contact each other in real time as well as share documents and files through our secure chatting platform. You can also create group chats for specific members of your staff based on your needs, such as sales personnel only.

Real time communication via ximbleChat
Real time communication via ximbleChat
Employee Time Tracking via Ximble


Track employees’ work hours

Ximble also provides the best way to track your employees’ work hours through our time clock software. This time tracking software lets your employees clock in and out from any location from their mobile device. Ximble’s time clock can take a picture of the employee that is clocking in as well as have them use QR and pin codes to clock in. These methods eliminate the risk of buddy punching so you can rest assured that the right people are on the job. You can also manage payroll through Ximble! Based on the working hours calculated through the time trackers, our software automatically calculates their salary. You can also calculate paid overtime.  Another option Ximble offers is the ability to set a specific location from where your employees are allowed to clock in and clock out from. This option allows you to make sure that none of your employees is clocking out from home or a nearby cafe. With the time clock you just enter your staff’s hourly pay and let our software do the rest for you. Now you can have a clear overview of your labor expenses and ensure that you are not losing money where you shouldn’t be.

Ximble Apps

To make things simpler, you can also download our mobile retail scheduling apps and manage everything on the go with just a few swipes and clicking a button. Through the retail staff scheduling apps, you can schedule your employees, manage requests, and have a clear view of the time sheet. You can have access to all of your employees’ information and availability in your hand.  You can virtually manage your entire workforce through any Android or iPhone.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble

Benefits of using Ximble

Ximble helps retail businesses of all sizes to be more productive.

  • Track employees' working hours through your phone
  • Manage day to day tasks with the click of a button
  • Swiftly add or remove staff from schedule and payroll
  • Adapt schedule to your working pace
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Take care of payroll automatically
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Schedule from any location

Tender Loving Empire

Tender Loving Empire

The software is effective for scheduling and payroll reports and schedule related messaging. I like the ability to swap/trade shifts and to request to pick up a shift. The features for clock in zones and pin codes and such are all interesting features that make Ximble stand out.

Elizabeth Cordes - Store Manager - Tender Loving Empire

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