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The Industries

Retail Schedule Maker and Staff Management Tool

What if you could eliminate employee absenteeism?

Let’s face it—the retail world can be stressful. Ximble can help you end the stress of missed shifts and schedule miscommunications—dramatically reducing stress put on managers by constant schedule changes, shift requests, late arrivals and no-shows. Let Ximble empower your staff by allowing them to self-manage shift swaps and time-off requests.


Upscale grocer focuses even more closely on the customer with better employee scheduling.

Ace Hardware

A local hardware retailer that’s working smarter with a set of optimized staffing tools.

Makes custom photo products easy, and focusing more on the customer with better employee scheduling.

Fleisher’s Craft Butchery

A leader in craft butchery benefiting from a better schedule maker.

Alfred Angelo

One of the world's largest manufacturers and retailers of bridal gowns is enjoying the benefits of optimized employee scheduling software.

Bottle Shop 33

An upscale Denver beer and wine retailer that’s operating smoothly thanks to an optimized set of retail staff management tools.


Both an online retailer and upscale salon, Devacurl is doing more for its customers by worrying less about staff management.


This iconic British luxury clothing retailer is benefiting from better staff relations.

United World Soccer

An online and brick-and-mortar soccer gear retailer that’s loving their improved staff management.

Good Eggs

Organic grocery delivery with customer-friendly staff management.


A sophisticated women’s clothing retailer is putting their products first with more efficient employee scheduling software.

Platos Closet

A retailer of gently used, brand name clothing is focusing on customers, not the time clock

Pretty Please

A women’s boutique clothing and accessory retailer that’s benefiting from optimum staff relations.


A unique women’s clothing retailer that’s focusing on customers, thanks to optimum staff relations.

Top Drawer Lingerie

A lingerie retailer that’s putting the customer first with more efficient employee scheduling.


A children’s fashion store that’s working more efficiently with better employee management resources.

Ride Cyclery

A bicycle and service shop with customer-friendly staff management.

Salon 46

A hair salon that’s serving more customers with a better schedule maker.


A popular Toronto furniture retailer benefiting from a better schedule maker.

Discount Electronics

This electronics retailer is benefiting from an improved staff management tool.