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Staying on schedule is easy, right? You take a part of your day to create the perfect system to keep track of time, shifts, vacations, overtime etc. But what happens when vacation requests start to overlap, employees ask for a switch in shifts or even do so without you knowing?

Ximble Restaurant Schedule App


How can Ximble help your restaurant

Good restaurant scheduling is vital for the restaurant business to strive and succeed. Restaurants lose a lot of good staff due to lack of clear communication and organization, and managers have a lot on their plates starting with employee availability and inventory management to scheduling staff and marketing. The most important and difficult task is to see the availability and properly schedule your waiters, chefs, hostesses and bartenders as you can’t please everyone. Sometimes restaurants resort to using old and already used schedules instead of creating new one because they lack the time to pull all employee information and create a fresh schedule.

How can our restaurant schedule app help your business?

  • Empower your employees and increase efficiency by letting them request shifts on their own
  • Reduce complaints as the availability and job role of all employees will be visible in one place
  • Allow restaurant managers to create the schedule on the go through their mobile device
  • We send automated SMS and push notifications to notify your staff of new shifts and changes in the schedule
  • With ximbleChat, you can improve the communication flow between you and your staff
  • Schedule your restaurant staff in advance without having to think twice about employee reactions
  • Help you avoid schedule conflicts and ensure proper shift coverage
Ximble Restaurant Schedule App


Optimize your restaurant scheduling

Ximble’s restaurant schedule app is customizable so you can tailor it to your needs. You can set the layout to show you the daily and weekly schedule or a calendar view. You can also sort the restaurant schedule based on employees, departments or job positions. These options let you have a better view of your overall schedule. You will also be able to see employee availability and if you by chance double book them, you receive a notification that tells you the employee is already scheduled to take another shift. Your restaurant staff can also request shifts from the calendar, which then you need to approve or disapprove. Vacation requests as well as paid time-off can also be requested through our restaurant schedule app, so your staff doesn’t have to come to you personally anymore – you simply just accept their request or decline if the time is not right.  And if your restaurant has more than one location, no problem! You can manage more locations from the same restaurant schedule view, even if the locations are not in the same city or country.


Communication is crucial in such a fast paced environment. Through ximbleChat, you can share files and documents as well as send messages to all staff members, or you can create groups for specialized personnel such as chefs only or waiters only. This allows you to share information in real time with every member from your restaurant. Your staff will have quick access to any information they need and ximbleChat can reduce misunderstandings and conflicts since they can contact each other directly. As Ximble’s restaurant schedule app is customizable, you can also choose which employees have access to which information.

Optimized Restaurant Scheduling
Optimized Restaurant Scheduling
Employee Time Tracking via Ximble


Track time. Stay ahead.

You can also opt for Ximble time clock, which will allow your restaurant staff to clock in and out from any location swiftly. With the time clock, you can choose the option of photoClock, which takes a picture of the person who is punching in, that way you can eliminate the risk of buddy punching. We also offer pin codes and QR with the photoClock option. Through Ximble’s time clock you can also adjust from which location your staff is allowed to clock in so that you can be sure they are where they are assigned to be at the designated time. And if this isn’t enough, you can also calculate payroll with Ximble! Based on your staff’s clock in and clock out time and rate, our restaurant schedule app calculates each employee’s salary for you. Ximble can also track overtime. It can keep up with your fast paced environment and provide you with more time to focus on business growth and franchising instead of spending hours a day making restaurant schedules in advance that never hold up the way you planned. True, there is a plethora of ways you can schedule and manage your staff but with Ximble, you can be sure that all your needs will be met. With our integrated HR vendors, you can basically manage your entire staff’s work cycle, from point-of-sale and payroll to restaurant shift scheduling and time clocking.

Ximble mobile apps

Ximble also has mobile work schedule apps, which means you can manage your restaurant staff from the palm of your hand. The mobile apps facilitate the process of clocking in as any amount of employees can do it at the same time. Communication is as simple and quick as checking the time on your phone! Your staff can receive notifications related to changes in the restaurant schedule or reminders of when their shifts begin through SMS and push notifications.

Employee Time Tracking via Ximble

Benefits of Ximble's Restaurant Schedule App

Ximble helps businesses and organizations of all sizes to be more productive.

  • Handle payroll and point of sale painlessly
  • Stay up to date with the latest restaurant scheduling methods
  • Multiple integrations
  • No switching costs
  • Empower your restaurant staff
  • Stay on track with your staff's activities
  • Focus on growth and franchising
  • Take care of restaurant scheduling though your mobile phone

Batta Internet Cafe


I am pleasantly surprised by Ximble as well as with their customer support. I needed one cheap yet multi-functional staff scheduling solution. After signing up with Ximble I found their software as a perfect solution for my scheduling and time & attendance needs. I would highly recommend it to all small and medium size businesses (mine counts 15 employees).

Dorian Morrison - Co-founder – Batta Internet Cafe

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