I researched many scheduling programs in depth, did multiple free trials and even more online tutorials. There were two other scheduling programs at the top of our list but we ultimately decided to go with Ximble for the 24/hour, real time, human support. Thank you all for your continued and ongoing presence!

K’tanaw Hirsch
Practice Manager, Wise Owl Animal Hospital

The Challenge

Wise Owl Animal Hospital was struggling with keeping their staff organized and on track with daily activities. They were spending too much time on creating employee schedules and tracking clock in and out times of their staff. As a veterinary clinic it is vital for them to focus on the medical needs of their patients and emergency cases. They were in need of a solution that would save them time on administrative tasks and let them focus that time on animal care.

The Requirements

After doing extensive research related to online employee scheduling software, Wise Owl Animal Hospital compiled a checklist of needs they considered mandatory for their software to provide.

  • 24/7 live support
  • PTO (paid time off) feature
  • Accurate time tracking
  • Ability to contact employees in real time
  • Customizable employee scheduler
  • User friendly interface
  • Multi-device accessibility

The Solutions

Wise Owl Animal Hospital decided Ximble was the best choice to help them fulfill their animal clinic’s needs. Ximble provided their clinic with software through which employees could mark their unavailability, request shifts in the open schedule themselves, request time off as well as communicate each other in real time.

  • ximbleChat communication platform
  • Accurate time tracking module that simplified their payroll process
  • Customizable software to adjust to their veterinary clinic’s requirements
  • Easy PTO tracking
  • Ability to ensure full shift coverage
  • Empowered employees to Quick and simple clock in and out process

The Results

Wise Owl Animal Hospital implemented Ximble’s intuitive employee scheduling and time tracking software and witnessed positive results within just the first month. They saved a lot of time on creating employee schedules and running payroll as well as improved their overall communication.

Their staff was empowered by the self-service scheduling ability and provided better pet care. Wise Owl Animal Hospital in now able to daily treat 120 patients on average without experiencing misunderstandings or shift overlaps or clashes.