Ximble has saved us a tremendous amount a week in payroll due to accurate tracking of our employee hours and wages.

Jonathan Tang
CEO, Vastrm

The Challenge

Vastrm has been tracking part time employees and contracted employees in and out of the office with their own, self-developed platform. Unfortunately, over time they repeatedly encountered a number of issues that hindered the workflow and caused problems. Finding that their platform was falling short of their needs they realized it was time to find a quality solution.

They needed a solution that could effortlessly track part time employees and contractors alike over a range of locations both in and out of the office, yet it needed to be quick and simple to use.

The Requirements

During the researching process, Vastrm identified that there were a few key components that the new solution must resolve. They were:

  • The assistance in budget management
  • Help reconcile invoices from contractors
  • Expedite payroll and time tracking
  • Create a simple, more efficient time tracking process

The Solutions

Vastram researched and considered multiple solutions that could meet their needs. However, Ximble was the final choice primarily because of its ease of use, clarity of data presentations and the ability to integrate with their payroll system, Gusto.

The implementation of a dynamic and powerful time tracking system created a highly reliable working process that was capable of reducing administrative hindrances and improving transparency of employees’ working hours. Quoting Jonathan Tang, it’s “Easy, efficient and effective”.

  • Incredibly easy and efficient to use
  • Dramatically reduces payroll processing times
  • Produces clear and accurate timesheet data
  • Provides a means to reconcile contractor invoices
  • Error free data processing via the Gusto integration
  • Easily track employee worked hours over multiple locations
  • Clear, honest and transparent labor cost data

The Results

Creating a structured and accurate means of time tracking has made for an optimized data processing workflow by minimizing the need for repeated data entry which in turn minimizes the margin of error.

The increased efficiency has alleviated workflow bottlenecks and time restraints that often held back administrations while being able to deliver exact payments for hours worked to employees on time. The accountability of employees has also been increased by producing accurate data regarding worked hours, regardless of their location.

The accuracy of the data enables managers to confidently assess staffing costs and reconcile contractor invoices with speed and simplicity, with the addition of comparing labor costs against business performance.