After an extensive search, it was Ximble that ultimately met every one of our wish list requirements. No other company could provide a complete solution for our needs. Ximble is simply better than the competition.

Davor Grubisa
Regional Director - Touch Support, Inc.

The Challenge

As a US based international company with employees around the globe, Touch Support had a significant problem effectively scheduling numerous teams across multiple time zones and locations.

It was important for Touch Support to find a solution that delivered both employee self-service capabilities and easy-to-use automatic scheduling functionality based on dynamic workload needs..

The Requirements

Touch Support assembled a list of the most important features to fit their specific needs. Without room for compromise, they sought out a solution that would:

  • Remote clock-in functionality
  • Template driven auto scheduling
  • Multiple location and time zone capabilities
  • Shift trades with no direct management supervision
  • Shift definitions based on common sense business rules
  • Schedule across multiple time zones and locations
  • Automatic Day Light Savings Time conversions
  • Shifts based on common sense business rules
  • Self-service employee scheduling capabilities
  • Mobile clock-in functionality
  • Auto-schedule based on pre-built templates
  • Staff shift trades with no manager involvement

The Solutions

Ximble was selected by Touch Support to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution enabling them to schedule employees across multiple locations and time zones. Staff self-service capabilities, auto-scheduling and remote clock-in functionality were paramount to Touch Support’s needs, all of which were delivered in an easy-to-use suite of cloud-based tools.

  • Auto-schedule capabilities driven by preset business rules
  • Scalable and intuitive mobile app functionality
  • Multi department locations and time zones
  • Self-service open shift roster system
  • Fully archival smart templates

Touch Support was able to integrate a set of complex business rules that dynamically created shifts based on workload requirements into a system of template driven auto-schedules.

The Results

  • Saved 8 hours a week for managing directors
  • Aligned staff schedules with internal workload heatmaps
  • Eliminated manager involvement in fundamental shift swaps
  • Coordinated multiple time zones and location schedules
  • Created auto-schedule templates derived from preset business rules
  • Provided remote clock-in and shift trade capabilities to entire team