I would recommend Ximble for their solid product and their desire to satisfy their customer as well as continue to improve their product. The people at Ximble have been pleasant and eager to help when any questions or problems arise.

Leanne Morter
In Office Project Coordinator, Techpoint1

The Challenge

Techpoint1 was using emails to track employee work hours. They needed a system with the ability to calculate accurate time for specific jobs for billing purposes, obtain works hours in a timely manner and facilitate creating work hour reports

The Requirements

Techpoint1 created a list of requirements they needed to fulfill their business’s needs:

  • Automated work hours calculation
  • Easy time clock tracking
  • Quick report creation
  • User friendly
  • Easy transition
  • Flexible system that allows swift changes to be made without compromising the report

The Solutions

Techpoint1 chose Ximble to help them with their challenges and improve their time tracking processes. The customizable software enabled changes to be made to reports without the need to create new ones. They were able to have a clear overview of accurate worked hours their employees completed as well as save time on calculating salaries based on the completed hours.

  • Automated work hours calculation
  • Quick clock in and out process
  • Simple time tracking
  • Clear overview of employees’ work hours
  • Ability to easily transition to employee scheduling
  • Ability to sort by date and employee quickly for determining labor hours
  • Save time on payroll process

The Results

Techpoint1 was able to see immediate results once they started using Ximble. They were able to save a lot of time that was wasted on scrolling through emails and searching for information as well as well as better organize the payroll and billing process.

Techpoint1 is now able to track their employee work hours easily and control labor costs.

With Ximble, they were able to improve their time tracking and payroll processes. Techpoint1 can now focus the time they used to spend scrolling through emails and manually calculating work hours and wages on the company growth and increasing profits.