Ximble is simple, trackable, and it just works. I’d recommend it over other software for its Gusto integration, and for how easy it is to manually enter times when necessary.

Jared Lyon
VP Strategy, Story2

The Challenge

Prior to finding Ximble, Story2 was using spreadsheets to schedule and track time. This involved a lot of

  • Manual data entry
  • Manual data migration
  • It was prone to error
  • It was time consuming, and
  • It was very difficult to keep track of multiple roles for the same employees

As the company grew, these issues became more and more pronounced and needed resolving.

The Requirements

Primary needs for a time tracking solution were Gusto integration, and the ability to assign multiple roles to a single employee. Secondary considerations were that the software be easy to use, and allow for manual auditing and editing of data.

It was also important to Story2 that their solution makes it simple to bring existing employees and new hires into the system, and to allow those employees easy access to scheduling information and hours worked when and where they need it.

The Solutions

While looking at options, Ximble stood out because of how frequently its Gusto integration was mentioned in reviews. Further inspection revealed several more compelling aspects of Ximble such as

  • Clocking in and out via the mobile app or the web application
  • Full audit/tracking functionality
  • The ability for staff to request paid time off and unpaid leave easily
  • The ease with which one employee can be assigned to multiple roles and pay rates

Ximble seemed to check all the boxes and even took care of a few problems Story2 hadn’t known they needed to solve.

The Results

Story2 have had no trouble at all since switching to Ximble from their spreadsheets. They have found it a simple matter to onboard employees into the system, and are thoroughly enjoying the reliability and transparency of their new system.

Employees are very happy with their ability to use the system to keep track of their own hours and to trade shifts. Employees monitoring their own hours also reduces the load on management to audit each payroll cycle which results in significant time saving each month.