Ximble has been indispensable in our scheduling and time tracking – especially in keeping employees up to date with their scheduling information. It might not save employees any time, but it sure makes sure they are at work on time.

Ashley Otero
Operations Development, Spirited Gifts

The Challenge

Spirited Gifts is a small company with less than 10 employees and, as such, their needs were fairly simple. All employees work in the same location, which keeps scheduling and tracking needs fairly simple, and they use Gusto for payroll, so something that integrates with that platform would be nice.

The Requirements

Spirited Gifts had fairly simple requirements for a time tracking and scheduling application. They were looking for something that provides basic scheduling and time tracking functionality. They also wanted something that could communicate directly with their payroll system, Gusto. Most importantly, though, whatever solution they chose needed to make it easy for employees to keep track of their schedules. Spirited Gifts had had issues in the past with employees not being aware of schedule changes and they were looking to find a solution that would solve that problem.

The Solutions

Ximble’s feature set was an almost perfect match with Spirited Gifts’ requirements. Ximble’s Gusto integration allowed them to send time tracking data directly into their payroll system, schedule templates made quick work of weekly shift scheduling, and best of all, employees had direct access to their schedules via the Ximble app. Furthermore, any changes to shifts would result in the affected employees being notified on their mobile devices.

The Results

Since switching to Ximble, Spirited Gifts has had a much easier time tracking both regular and overtime hours. Though switching hasn’t resulted in significant time savings over their previous system, it has resulted in fewer errors in payroll data, thanks to the export to Gusto feature. Spirited Gifts did experience some issues with the mobile app early in the migration process, but were very pleased with their experience interacting with Ximble’s world class customer support staff.

All in all, Spirited Gifts is pleased with their Ximble experience. Scheduling their employees has become much simpler and, thanks to Ximble, everybody is on the same page.