As a new company, we needed something that would keep things simple for us, but which would also grow with us. Ximble seems like a perfect fit, for now and in the future.

Simon Rozenberg
Owner, Re-Bath of South Florida

The Challenge

Re-Bath was a new business in need of their first scheduling and time tracking solution. As a new business without an established client-base or reputation, they didn’t have a large budget for things such as time tracking and scheduling software. They are also a service company with a significant percentage of their employees working remotely, on-site, at clients’ homes.

The Requirements

Because they were just starting out, they needed a solution that was budget-friendly but still provided all of the functionality they needed to make the business work. One absolutely essential piece of functionality was the ability to track where and when employees were working on specific jobs. Most of Re-Bath’s employees work remotely and knowing where they are working and for how long is an important part of both their payroll and billing systems.

The Solutions

After examining the options available to them, Re-Bath of South Florida decided to give Ximble a try. They really liked the simplicity of navigating the user interface, and the lack of “feature bloat” that other platforms seemed to suffer from. It was the geo-location features, though, that really made Ximble a perfect fit.

Using the mobile app, employees can clock in at any job site and the system automatically keeps track of where they are working and for how long. When considered alongside the full Gusto integration – which is Re-Bath’s preferred payroll system – Ximble easily became the leading candidate.

The Results

Since signing up with Ximble, time tracking and scheduling at Re-Bath of South Florida has been efficient and relatively effortless. Employee locations are tracked automatically by the system, schedules and time worked are easily checked by employees and management alike, and the entire payroll process has become, in the words of owner Simon Rozenberg, “the easiest thing ever”.