Ximble has helped us take our business to the next level! Their friendly and helpful customer support has been with us every step of the way. After using Ximble, we saw immediate positive results in our employee satisfaction and company profits.

Andrew Philips
Director of Technology, Parsaco

The Challenge

Parsaco was in need of an employee scheduling and time tracking solution to facilitate their payroll and management process. They needed an intuitive tool to help them improve their overall bottom line and company productivity. Parsaco needed a platform through which they could manage and communicate with remote staff as well as manage multiple locations. Parsaco began their search for solutions which could solve the current challenges they were facing.

The Requirements

Parsaco made a list of requirements they were looking from a software to improve their employee scheduling and time tracking process.

  • Effective scheduling
  • Manager timesaving
  • Improving communications
  • Key to profitability
  • User friendly and easily accessible
  • Accurate time clocking
  • Payroll efficiency
  • Operational improvements

The Solutions

Parsaco employed Ximble to solve their needs and fulfil their requirements. Ximble provided them with:

  • Automated schedules
  • BambooHR integration
  • Time-off management
  • Easy and effective communication platform
  • Time clocking module
  • Configurable rules
  • QR code login

The Results

The results Parsaco experienced were rewarding. They were able to create a schedule for 20 locations and 450+ employees in just 1 hour. They had accurate reporting and saved a lot of time on the payroll process.

They saw an increase in profits and employee productivity as well as had full transparency in activities.