Ximble is an easy and cost effective way to do everything I need to do with my time tracking and payroll. It is simple, but powerful.

Bryan Gintz
Owner, Novvia LLC

The Challenge

As a small company just starting out, Novvia could easily get by with minimal effort to track hours and perform scheduling tasks. Many businesses in their position make do with a spreadsheet and manual data entry, and plan to get something better when they need it down the road. Novvia’s management has an eye towards rapid growth, however, and would prefer to adopt solutions and process now that will scale with their developing needs.

The difficulty they faced in solving their time tracking needs was in finding a solution that would meet both their current needs and their future needs while being cost effective at both ends of the scale.

The Requirements

Currently, Novvia Llc’s needs are relatively straightforward. They require a service that can schedule their small staff, and that can quickly and accurately track the actual hours worked. Because of the nature of software development work, these hours can vary significantly from what was forecast, so they also need to be able to efficiently audit their reports for errors before exporting to Gusto.

The complicating factor is that they don’t plan to remain a small, plucky startup for long. If they hit their projected growth targets, it won’t be long before they need a solution that can track a large number of staff across multiple locations. They need a solution that’s scalable.

The Solutions

Discovering Ximble was a eureka moment for Novvia management. Ximble’s core functionality and per-user pricing was exactly what the company needs at the present. The pricing structure in particular was attractive, as it allows for rapid scaling and easy deployment for new hires.

When it’s time to expand to multiple locations and employees need to coordinate between several places, some of Ximble’s extended features will help those multiple locations feel like a single workplace. The chat client and geo-location features will be particularly useful in maintaining organization and cohesion amongst staff.

The Results

Not having worked with scheduling and time tracking software before, Novvia management were concerned that they might have difficulty learning the ins and outs of a powerful platform like Ximble. They were able to get up to speed in almost no time, however, and it’s been smooth sailing.

Indeed, although they thought the competitive pricing would be the best part of using Ximble, the ease of use has been the standout feature for Novvia. The features and process are all laid out in a sensible and user friendly manner, and navigation is intuitive.

Ximble has allowed Novvia management to stop worrying about an important, but tedious detail and that allows them to focus on more pressing issues – such as growing the company, and building the business.