Main Navigation in NimbleSchedule and Ximble

As opposed to the top navigation bar in NimbleSchedule, the main navigation in Ximble is moved to the left side, which also collapses when you use the system, allowing you to have more available working space with the main part of the system on the right.

On the bottom of the navigation bar on the left, as you can see on the screenshot below, you’ll find ximbleChat and settings icons. ximbleChat is a new feature which allows you to instantly communicate with your staff members.

In the top right corner, you’ll find the icons for Requests, ximbleChat, the help section, and your profile menu. Through the profile menu, you can alter your personal information. You can also visit the company settings section through the My Account link.

In Ximble, 3rd party integrations are relocated to the App Center (see the screenshot below), as opposed to being located in the My Account area in NimbleSchedule.