Ximble is super easy to set up and use, and anytime I needed help, someone friendly got me pointed in the right direction!

Jennifer Grayson
Division Manager, National Strategic Group

The Challenge

Prior to engaging Ximble’s services, National Strategic was tracking hours by getting employees to manually enter their times on shared excel spreadsheets. As a smaller startup in the early 2010s this was manageable but, after a 25% staffing increase in early 2017, it was no longer feasible. The sheer number and types of errors and inaccuracies this system had is easy to imagine.

They needed something simple, automated, and scalable that integrated with their payroll system – Gusto.

The Requirements

In contrast to the system of shared excel spreadsheets that they had been using for years, National Strategic were looking for something easy to use that would scale with their business as they grew. A winning solution needed to:

  • Track hours worked automatically
  • Be able to generate flexible reports by employee, time period, shift, and task
  • Integrate with Gusto
  • Require minimal effort or training for staff

The Solutions

After exploring all the options, National Strategic found that Ximble met all of their needs at a very cost effective price. With Ximble, tracking hours worked, which used to take each employee non-trivial amounts of time to do daily, could be done with the click of a button. In addition to freeing up many extra staff-hours each day, this also reduced the possibility of timekeeping errors or fraudulent reporting.

The detailed and customizable reporting on the Ximble platform was also key for the folks at National Strategic. The ability to generate a variety of reports for past pay periods is a functionality they didn’t know they required until they had it.

The Results

The adoption of Ximble for time tracking and scheduling at National Strategic has had a profound impact on their day-to-day operations. Simply by removing the burden of self-reporting via spreadsheet, the staff are freed to be significantly more productive, and the time sheet data has become much more reliable and error-free.

What stands out for National Strategic, though, isn’t so much the added functionality, the streamlined process, or the powerful reporting features. It isn’t even the Gusto integration, though that is something they rely on as well. The stand-out Ximble feature for National Strategic is Ximble’s unrivaled customer support team. The Ximble support team made the process of transitioning to a new system not only easy, but even relatively enjoyable, and turned what might have been a stressful task into an effortless one.