Ximble eliminated the need for multiple spreadsheets and calendars. We’re more organized and less stressed with a system that can do automated shift replacements and schedules.

Kesia Rodriguez
Administration Director, Montefiore Medical Center

The Challenge

With three locations, several employee roles, and constant open-shift availabilities, Montefiore had a consistent problem with scheduling and updating their employees and practioners, across their locations.

It was imperative that Montefiore find a solution that provided automatic scheduling functionality based on diverse staff roles, and a way to display all of this information in one account, on one platform, in a user-friendly fashion.

The Requirements

Montefiore created a list of the most important features necessary to fit their specific needs:

  • User-friendly format
  • Clock-in and clock-out feature
  • Scheduling from multiple locations
  • Quick on-boarding for all existing staff members
  • Manage staff in multiple locations
  • User-friendly format that would be easy to learn
  • Clock-in and clock-out features
  • Self-service employee scheduling capabilities
  • Staff GPS location functionality
  • Auto-schedule staff and practitioners
  • Integrations with payroll, front desk, and providers

The Solutions

Montefiore hired Ximble to deliver a complete solution across their three locations to enable self-service employee scheduling and schedule management. Automatic shift scheduling, and GPS clock-in on a user-friendly platform were crucial to meeting Montefiore’s needs. Ximble met all of their needs by providing an easy-to-use cloud-based app.

  • Auto-schedule capabilities driven by preset business rules
  • Scalable and intuitive mobile app functionality
  • Multi department locations and time zones
  • Self-service open shift roster system
  • Fully archival smart templates

Montefiore was able to customize their account by creating a diverse set of user roles and business rules that automatically created shifts based on office requirements. These shifts were then incorporated into all staff calendars via mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

The Results

  • Eliminated scheduling confusion for staff managers.
  • Easy-to-use automated scheduling for staff and practitioners
  • Real-time clock-in/clock-out simplified time tracking.
  • Multiple location calendar and staff management.
  • Department integration for payroll, front desk, and providers.
  • User-friendly format for ease of use.