Our goal was to find a way to track our hourly employees’ time remotely. This works perfectly, saves a ton of time and integrates easily into Gusto.

Rob Tenniswood
Chief Operating Officer, miR Diagnostics

The Challenge

After hiring their first hourly employees, miR Diagnostics wanted a comprehensive time tracking solution capable of remote time tracking that would be able to integrate with Gusto.

While providing a full set of features, the time tracking solution must be simple to set up and use for quick and seamless implementation into the administrative processes.

The Requirements

While researching viable options, miR Diagnostics compiled a series of mandatory features that the new time tracking software must provide. As such, they concluded the following:

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Seamlessly integrate with Gusto
  • Must be easy to set up and use
  • Expedite administration duties and increase efficiency
  • Ability to review employees’ work hours
  • Quick and simple clocking in and out process
  • Comprehensive enough to meet their needs

The Solutions

Ximble was chosen by miR Diagnostics as their time tracking solution as it covered all their required needs at a cost-effective price. Through quick and easy implementation, accurate time sheet data could be produced that clearly displayed the employees’ worked hours, which could then be carried over to Gusto via the integration.

Ximble, being cloud-based, granted access from anywhere, while the feature-rich solution provided automation in administrative duties.

  • Automation simplifies and expedites payroll
  • Easily accessible via any device
  • Quick and simple integration with Gusto
  • Hassel free implementation into the workplace
  • User friendly and simple to use time tracking
  • Clear overview of employees’ worked hours

The Results

miR Diagnostic employees can now use Ximble to clock in and out with ease, providing precise data of their working hours. Management is now able to access data from anywhere at any time and gain a clear overview of employee working hours. Reviewing and approving is as simple as a tap of a button.

The simple to set up integration with Gusto has expedited the payroll process, leading to error free payments. While being simple to use, the comprehensive set of feature in Ximble (such as the phone app and reports generating), provided a thorough means of boosting operational efficiency with very little effort.