We are a small, agile company with only a few very talented employees to keep track of. We don’t like wasting time or money. We didn’t want an expensive system, we just wanted something that did what we needed it to do.

Milena Lyons
President, Chameleon Marketing Group, LLC

The Challenge

As a very small company, Chameleon Marketing Group didn’t need a particularly complex or robust time tracking and scheduling solution. Employees generally have the same hours from week to week and perform the same duties. The biggest challenge for Chameleon was finding a solution that didn’t over-deliver with what was, for them, feature bloat.

The Requirements

Chameleon Marketing Group’s needs were fairly straightforward. The needed a time tracking and scheduling solution that could:

  • Allow employees to book both paid and unpaid time off
  • Provide templating for regular schedules
  • Allow for exceptions to those regular schedules
  • Keep accurate track of time worked, and
  • Connect with Gusto, which they were using for payroll.

The Solutions

It’s almost certainly more interesting to look at the things Chameleon Marketing Group didn’t want a solution to do. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for Chameleon in finding an adequate solution was that most of the options available provided many more features than Chameleon Marketing had any use for. This was a problem because not only would they have to navigate around those useless features, but they would end up paying, sometimes quite a bit, for them as well. Talk about insult to injury.

At the end of the day, Ximble was truly the only option that provided a basic time tracking and scheduling solution at a basic solution price.

The Results

The management team at Chameleon Marketing Group were pleased to find, once they were up and running, that Ximble delivered exactly the service and experience that was promised. The system was easy to use, the transition was completely painless, and all of the features they needed to use were conveniently located in the user interface.

They were particularly impressed with how convenient the geo-location feature was, as several staff work remotely at least some of the time. This was a feature they hadn’t anticipated needing, but which they appreciated having in the end. This experience has reassured them that, should they ever find they need the wealth of other features that are available as add-ins on the Ximble platform, those features are available.

In the meantime, though, they pay for what they need and not for what they don’t – and that’s perfect.