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Nicholas Nowlan
Area Leader for Menchies

The Challenge

It used to take Menchie’s Florida Area Manager Nicholas Nowlan three or four hours to create weekly staff schedules. And the emails he sent with shift information would often go unread by his young staff. High employee turnover made tracking time difficult, too. Nicholas wanted a scheduling and timetracking system that would save him time, especially when he opens more franchises.

The Requirements

Menchie’s required a scheduling and timetracking system that:

  • Saved time
  • Could be accessed on computer or smartphone
  • Kept staff informed
  • Didn’t require paper
  • Facilitated shift swapping
  • Made it easy to request time-off

The Solutions

Ximble’s smartphone app was the biggest selling point to Nicholas. His staff saw email as archaic, and so he was relieved to find a way to keep them engaged and informed. He was also keen to see all available staff, without looking through various lists, forms, or calendars. With one eye on future expansion, he saw how the scheduling tools could help grow his business, and solve any scheduling headaches that having a larger staff could cause.

The Results

Nicholas has been delighted by his choice to use Ximble. Scheduling and timekeeping have instantly become easier, and his staff enjoy using the app.

He has also been impressed by the integration with his Point of Sale system, which means he no longer has to rely on guesswork when it comes to scheduling. Now he can predict demand based on historic sales figures. The integration also meant that he could transfer employee data from that system into Ximble, saving him time.

The Ximble tech team even helped him out when his Point of Sale system went offline!