Our infographic provides tips and tricks that tackle common problems with employment across multiple locations while helping to develop a cohesive and motivated workforce.

Managing people at multiple locations can be a cost effective solution to staffing or a key part of expansion in your business. Either way, it comes with its own set of difficulties.

It’s often underestimated how much extra time, money, travel and communication can be involved in order to achieve synergy across locations.

Expanding or employing across multiple locations isn’t just a matter of addition. Each location or person added to the business’ operations will have their own needs and cultures that need to be accounted for. Not catering for these can impact negatively on your employees creating disparities in the standards of work, motivation and work ethics.

No matter how large your organization becomes, it requires careful planning and implementation in order to develop shared objectives and maintain a cohesive standard of work. Failure to do so can compromise your business’ operations efficiency and performance.

Whether your workforce is spread locally, nationally or even internationally, it often presents a similar set of problems. So, we’ve developed an infographic to highlight the main problems in managing people across multiple locations and how to tackle them to get the best results from your workforce.