Opening the schedule view and seeing all our resources lined up for missions was motivational and effective. Our team’s efficiency and communication improved as well as our overall service. The ability to accurately track employee work hours was a time saver for payroll processing. It was easy, effective and bullet proof.

Fred Jimenez
IT Support, Liquid Consulting, Inc

The Challenge

Liquid Consulting was losing too much time on manually entering data into Excel. They lacked the ability to access old reports and flexibility. Keeping track of staff locations as well as having accurate clock in times were difficult to manage.

The Requirements

Liquid Consulting compiled a list of necessities they believed would help them overcome the challenges they were presented with.

  • Customizable software to fit their needs
  • User friendly
  • Clear interface
  • Notification system
  • Quick and easy employee schedule maker
  • Accurate time clock reporting

The Solutions

Liquid Consulting hired Ximble to help them tackle their challenges. They needed a platform which could be accessed from any location and device by all employees. Ximble was able to provide them with all the tools they needed to facilitate their employee scheduling and time tracking process.

  • Customizable schedule
  • Easily accessible from any location and device
  • Automated SMS and push notification system
  • Intuitive interface
  • User friendly and accurate time tracking module

The Results

Since Liquid Consulting began using Ximble, they have seen major improvements in their management and company environment. The number of late come ins and no shows was reduced, the payroll process was quicker and easier and their employees were well informed of newly assigned shifts and schedule changes.