Ximble has been a huge time-saver when compared to taking hours by hand and typing them into a spreadsheet.

Dan Koster
COO, Krein Knives

The Challenge

As Dan Koster points out, prior to signing on with Ximble, Krein Knives was using spreadsheets to track the hours of their staff. Like many small businesses, this method was time-consuming, error-prone, and problematic in many other ways – but it was feasible.

Until it wasn’t.

Unlike many other small companies, the staffing requirements and hours worked by Krein employees are neither regular nor predictable. In a small company that hand-crafts and often custom-makes items for clients, it is important to keep track of billable hours. When many of your crafts-people are working on multiple projects and switch between them frequently over the course of the day, getting an accurate accounting of what hours are billable to which client can quickly become a nightmare.

The Requirements

To solve the nightmare and bring about sweet dreams for all, a replacement system needed to have a few key characteristics. It needed to be:

  • As automatic as possible
  • Deliver transparent data
  • Connected to Gusto in a seamless manner
  • Accurate
  • Able to track multiple tasks for the same employee

It was this last point that was, perhaps, the most important, as it was the confusion between multiple projects that was prompting the switch from the old, outdated system. Ease of use and transparency were important as well – employees should spend their time making beautiful knives for clients, not figuring out how to switch from one client to another or how to manually modify incorrectly logged time data – but any viable solution absolutely had to be able to track multiple tasks across the same shift and the same employee.

The Solutions

In the end, Ximble wasn’t the only solution that fit Krein Knives requirements. Ximble was, however, the only solution that fit those criteria at a reasonable price. Given that the clunky spreadsheet solution was almost working for them Krein Knives didn’t want to expend a lot of resources on a replacement solution. Ximble’s per user pricing fit their needs and the features fit their expectations. It was a perfect match.

The Results

During the transition from old system to new there were a few instances where it wasn’t clear to the Krein Knives management team how to accomplish certain tasks within the Ximble system. These issues were cleared up quickly and easily via a chat with customer services. It was the professionalism and ease with which Ximble support helped them through their issues that convinced Krein Knives that they had found a permanent solution to their scheduling and hour tracking needs.