My company already provided a free time clock, but I liked the features Ximble offered and thought it was worth the cost. It’s easy, affordable, and useful and the live chat feature is my favorite.

Dana Kantara
Owner, iLoveKickboxing

The Challenge

While ILKB’s company provided a free time clock, they wanted a system that had a richer set of features that could improve functionality and business operations. Ideally something that could help better manage multiple global locations effectively while being able to integrate with Gusto in order to create a more efficient payroll process.

In order to be viable for ILKB, the solution had to be affordable and easy to use for everyone involved.

The Requirements

During ILKB’s research phase, they began compiling a series of compulsory requirements that the software must meet if it were to be considered as a suitable solution. It must:

  • Provide increased functionality at a cost-effective price
  • Integrate with Gusto
  • Be simple and easy to use
  • Simplify administrative duties
  • Create precise time tracking data

The Solutions

ILKB identified Ximble as the most suitable solution to meet their needs. Ximble provided their studios a way to track their employees’ working hours more efficiently in a simple way that helped relieve administrative duties through automation and the Gusto integration.
Additionally, it was able to increase communications across the board enabling a greater cohesion between employees and management alike.

  • Quick and easy clocking in and out procedures
  • Provides geotracking for employees
  • Fast generation of payroll reports
  • User friendly
  • Built in chat platform for better communications
  • Quick and effective Gusto integration

The Results

The implementation of Ximble in ILKB’s operations provided an easy to use platform that provided accurate time tracking data that could be seamlessly carried over to Gusto at an affordable price.

While ILKB has been able to improve the time tracking and payroll process, additional features such as the ximbleChat platform and geotracking capabilities have enable employees and management to be more responsive to changing situations and ensure team members are at their required locations on time.