We use the basic Ximble functionality to add a simple bit of automation to our payroll process.

Scott Burson
Technical SEO and Server Ninja

The Challenge

Hook SEO wasn’t looking for much when they began their search for a scheduling and time tracking solution. They just wanted a simple way to import their time data into Gusto. Previously, they had been using a manual system of data entry and tracking which was a hassle, and was taking up far too much admin time. They needed something to automate the process without any bells and whistles.

The Requirements

As a smaller business with a few employees to keep track of, they didn’t need a lot of bells and whistles. In fact, one of Hook SEO’s key requirements was that the solution be as clean and simple as possible while providing only the functionality they needed. The key components of that functionality were:

  • Clean integration with Gusto
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • A minimum of fuss

The Solutions

The admin team at Hook SEO didn’t need to spend much time at all weighing their options on this decision. Ximble’s core functionality was exactly what they were looking for. It:

  • Integrates beautifully with Gusto
  • Automates clocking in and out via the mobile app, and
  • Doesn’t over-complicate the process with unwanted features

The basic Ximble platform ticked all the boxes Hook SEO needed to tick without all the clutter most other services add in. Getting the system up and running was simple and relatively problem free, and the minor issues that did crop up were handled quickly and efficiently by the industry leading Ximble support staff.

The Results

The addition of Ximble to Hook SEO’s payroll process has resulted in a time savings of about 20 minutes per cycle. This may not seem like much, but it’s not an insignificant amount of time given the simplicity of Hook SEO’s needs and the size of their staff.

What is more valuable than the time savings; however, it’s the way that Ximble has managed to take a regularly recurring annoyance and move it out of the way, automating it so it doesn’t distract from other more important tasks. Ximble does what it’s supposed to and then gets out of the way. Hook SEO also has the peace of mind of knowing that, if their needs ever change, Ximble is ready to scale up to meet those needs thanks to its add-on architecture. For a company like Hook SEO, that’s a winning combination.