• Initial Steps

    How to Get Started
    Once your manager or administrator configures your account, you will receive an invite email with your username and a secure link to set your password.Remember those details as in the future that’s what you will be using to access your account.

    Your supervisor / manager can reset your account access information in case of any issue, at any point.

    Login Link
    You can use the following link, which you can bookmark, in order to login to your account in the future: http://app.ximble.com/

    If you forget your login info, you can use the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page to retrieve your account username and password.

  • Smartphone Apps

    If you prefer to check your schedule from your smart phone (Android or iPhone), you can use our free phone app.
    Just search through the app market with the phrase “Ximble” or simply follow these links below:

  • Schedules

    How to Check Your Schedule
    Once you login to the system, please navigate to the “Schedule” option on the left hand side menu.

    What can you do with your shifts

    1. You can trade one of your shifts for one of your colleague’s shifts
    2. You can submit a drop shift request in case you cannot work that shift
    3. You can find a replacement by asking one of your colleagues to replace you on the shift

    All these requests will require an administrator’s or manager’s approval to complete.

    How to Apply to Take An Open Shift

    You can do that by using one of these two ways:

    1. Navigate to the Schedule section and click on the “Show Open Shifts” button above the schedule to see all available Open Shifts for the week. Navigate to other weeks to see other available shifts.
    2. Navigate to the Requests section and select “Pick-Up” option from the drop-down on the left. Browse through all available open shifts. Simply click on the “Pick-Up” to apply for that shift.

    How to Request a Time-Off

    In order to request a time off, please click on the Requests section in the top right corner and once the page loads, select the “Time-Off” option in the drop-down on the left. You’ll see a button labeled as “Request Time-Off”.

    Simply click on it and fill in the date and/or time in case of a partial day request and submit it to your manager/administrator for an approval.

  • Time Clock

    How to Clock In and Out

    1. Once you login to the system, please navigate to the Time Clock section.
    2. One of the first things you’ll see on that page is the big, green “Clock-In” button. Click on it to punch in.
    3. You can leave the page, sign out, or do anything you like. Once you are ready to Clock out, login to the panel again, click on the Time Clock and simply click on the big, red “Clock-Out” button.

    In case you have more than one position assigned to your profile, you may be presented with the drop down menu to select the right position while clocking in.

    The “Start Activity” drop down is an optional feature, and may be used to take a break or select one of the available activities which allow company admins to track specific tasks, projects or similar activities.

    Clock In and Out Shortcut

    For a quicker way to clock in and out from the system, you can also clock in and/or out from the Dashboard page.

    One of the first things you’ll see on that page is the time clock on the left.

    How to Review Your Previous Time Clock Entries

    • Once you login to the system, please navigate to the Time Clock section.
    • On the right side, click on the Timesheet option and select “My Timesheet” from the drop-down.
    • In the date range filter on the top of that page, select the date range you wish to review.
  • Profile Page

    How to View or Edit Your Personal Info

    Once you login to the system, please click on your in profile photo the top right corner, and then click on the “My Profile” link to see your personal details.

    Once you do that, your profile details will load.

    Besides just viewing or editing your personal information, you can access some additional options by using the menu on the left.

    You can enable specific system alerts for your account at any moment through the Notification Preferences page.

    You can choose to be reminded about your shift before it starts, or to be notified in case your supervisor changes anything on your schedule.

    How to Set Your Availability

    1. To set your availability, simply click on your profile photo in the top right corner and select the “My Profile” link.
    2. Once you get to your profile page, click on the Availability link on the left side menu.

    Weekly availability
    In case your un-availability repeats from week to week and it’s always the same, then the best idea is to set your weekly availability. On the availability grid on the top of the page simply drag and drop with your mouse, or click on the day to set the start and end time when you are NOT available.

    One time / future availability
    In case your un-availability needs to be set for a specific date, or at least a date range rather than having it repeat every week, you can click on the “Add Custom Availability” button shown on the screenshot on the left. Once you do that, a small form will show up below to allow you to set the date and time when you’re not available.