We shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time or effort to get accurate time recording. Ximble gives us the accuracy we need without the hassle.

John Scrofano
CEO, Garmentory

The Challenge

Garmentory bills itself as a small group of very passionate people who are very focused on the core mission of their business. They are a small company located at a single location. They don’t need a lot of features, and the features they do need have to be transparent and, as far as possible, automated. Taking the time to manually enter time sheet data into the payroll system means someone has to take time away from doing more valuable work for the company’s clients.

For Garmentory, the issue isn’t so much what a solution can do, but more how it does it and how it fits into the business’s operations.

The Requirements

Garmentory didn’t need a lot in a time tracking and scheduling solution, In fact, simplicity was one of their main requirements. They wanted a solution that would

  • Simplify the timekeeping process
  • Be easy to use
  • Increase accuracy, and
  • Reduce or eliminate errors.

Integration with the payroll system, Gusto, was really the only specific requirement beyond simplicity and ease of use.

The Solutions

What they found after their research of the available solutions was that Ximble’s core functionality served their needs exactly. Ximble provides Gusto users the ability to quickly and easily import time data from Ximble, and the streamlined UI and intuitive arrangement of options made learning the new app easy.

In fact, the only time during the transition process that there was any confusion at all – over user management functions – the documentation was able to clarify the issue immediately.

The Results

Switching to Ximble has resulted in time savings of a few hours a month for Garmentory management. More important to senior management, though, is that it has all but eliminated scheduling and data entry errors. Also, any human error such as missed clock-ins or clock-outs or erroneous shift scheduling are caught immediately by the system and easily fixed through the interface.

The features they find the most useful are the Gusto integration and ease of use, as well as the pricing. CEO John Scrofano says, “It works, and it doesn’t make things complicated” and for Garmentory, that’s what matters most.