Efficient, easy, simple. I love that Ximble gives me the tools I need to run my business better, without cluttering their interface with things I don’t need. That simplicity helps us to do our jobs best.

Alana Nardini
Studio Manager, Followell Fotography

The Challenge

Followell Fotography needed their timesheets to be centralized and a means to effectively track employees’ working hours.

Their employees don’t work the traditional 9-5 shift and are often out working on locations. So their solution had to be flexible enough to accommodate these working conditions while being clutter free with a simple to use and user friendly interface.

The Requirements

Followell Fotography had to consider the key features that they were looking for in their new time tracking software. During their research they concluded they wanted the following:

  • Accommodation of out of office time tracking
  • Should be cloud based for ease of access
  • Be simple to use for both employees and management
  • Simplify and expedite administrative duties
  • Integrate with Gusto

The Solutions

For their needs, Ximble resulted as the best fit solution. It provided their employees with the ability to clock in and out from anywhere via the phone app in a quick and simple manner. The accumulated data is then able to be processed and exported directly into Gusto ready for payroll, creating an automated and seamless process for administration.

  • Ability to clock in and out via phone app from anywhere
  • GPS stamps ensure staff are where they need to be and when
  • Automation reduces administrative duties
  • Provides inline editing capabilities for clocking errors
  • User friendly and simple to use

The Results

Followell Fotography employees can now use Ximble in or out of the office enabling accurate time tracking whenever and wherever they are, despite their irregular working hours.

The time tracking and payroll process has vastly improved since its implementation as it now provides a clear overview of worked hours and has been integrated with Gusto for seamless operations. Management to see how they’re performing as a company in a clear and user friendly manner. Yet, the comprehensive set of features allows management to remain in control and run their business better.