Ximble is the only tool that we found that effectively acted as a bridge between point of sale and payroll.

Doug Smith
Owner, Fast-Fix Denver

The Challenge

When Doug Smith opened his Fast-Fix franchise locations in Denver Colorado in 2014, he had an advantage over many new Ximble clients in that when he was looking for a scheduling and timekeeping solution, he was starting from scratch. He wasn’t replacing an old system, with all the compatibility, retraining, and institutional resistance to change that entails. He had a basic set of requirements that a solution needed to provide, but we wasn’t restricted in his choice of solutions by the weight of a product he’d been using before.

The Requirements

Fast-Fix, Denver, needed a scheduling tool that would perform a number of tasks. It had to:

  • Perform scheduling functions quickly, easily, and intuitively
  • Allow for easy lines of communication between staff members and management
  • Provide true round-the-clock access for every employee to access their shift information

The two issues that were most essential in selecting a scheduling solution were that it had to be cloud based and therefore accessible anywhere, and that it integrate with the existing point of sale system, Lightspeed, and the payroll system.

The Solutions

In the end, Fast-Fix, Denver, went with Ximble because it matched all of their requirements perfectly. It integrates wonderfully with both their payroll system and their P.O.S. system (Lightspeed), and it’s the only one they found capable of doing so. Scheduling tools for management and published schedules for employees is also available from literally anywhere thanks to the fantastic mobile app.
The clean, intuitive interface and common-sense organization of features are the icing on the cake.

The Results

The team at Fast-Fix, Denver, have found Ximble to be a clean, smooth, elegant solution to the problems inherent in dealing with scheduling and timekeeping. In addition being available to integrate with both their POS system and their payroll system, it’s also been a big hit with staff, who find it much easier to clock in and out, to access and read their schedule, to trade shifts with each other, and to book time off when they need to.

One unexpected advantage Ximble has over other platforms is the result of that POS and payroll integration. It is possible for Ximble to access sales data in real time and allow for much more efficient, on the scene staffing decisions based on hourly revenue.