I needed an easy way for staff members to clock in and out, and to run payroll reports, and Ximble does all that and more!

Zack Hayden
Owner, ATA Excellence

The Challenge

Excellence Martial Arts were in need of an effective solution that would allow them to easily allow staff to clock in and out, and simplify their payroll process. Previous solutions they’d tried were either too awkward to use, or included many more features than they needed, making navigation and user experience more difficult than it should be.

The Requirements

What Excellence Martial Arts needed was the bare bones of what a time tracking solution can do. They needed simplicity. The key functions that a successful solution needed to provide were:

  • Clocking in and out
  • Payroll reporting

They didn’t really want anything else.

The Solutions

Any time tracking system on the market will provide those two pieces of functionality, but Ximble seemed a better fit for Excellence Martial Arts than other platforms for two reasons.

The first reason was that the basic version of Ximble doesn’t force companies to take a lot of other options that they might not need. The core functionality of the Ximble platform is exactly that – core functionality. In addition to clocking in and out and reports, the basic version of Ximble offers the scheduling functions and a few other support features, and that’s it. More specialized features or features that extend functionality can be added on an as needed basis, but if you don’t need them, you don’t have to pay for them.

The second reason Excellence Martial Arts decided to try Ximble was that all of the functionality available to them was easily navigable through the intuitive and elegant user interface.

It was these key differences that made Ximble stand out for Excellence Martial Arts.

The Results

So far, everything works as promised, and the management team at Excellence are very pleased with their decision to use Ximble. They have even discovered that some of the features they didn’t think they would need have become an important part of their process.

Ximble’s Gusto integration has been an enormous time saver for the school, as has the geolocation functionality. As a martial arts school with two campuses that share some staff between them, the additional ease with which Ximble helps track who is working where has been invaluable.