We were using manual time sheets before Ximble and there was no way for the correct people to have eyes on what they needed. Employees were very forgetful with submitting these manually. There was no easy way to integrate this into our payroll system. The top reasons for choosing Ximble were cost, flexibility and integration. The fact that it integrates with both our HRIS and Payroll systems is a huge help.

Kim Waldron
Director of HR, Collab Inc.

The Challenge

Collab started out using manual time sheets, but these were not working very well. They were prone to error, employees would often completely forget to fill them out or submit them, and there was no easy way to move information from the time sheets into the payroll system.

The Requirements

What Collab Inc. needed was a simple, straightforward system that would allow for easy scheduling, automated time tracking, and that could talk directly to their payroll system, Gusto. Given the unpredictable nature of creative work in general and digital content creation in particular, they also needed something exceedingly flexible that could deal equally well with ever-shifting schedules and with the inevitable exceptions to those schedules.

The Solutions

Several solutions presented themselves, but Ximble’s integration with Collab Inc’s HRIS and payroll systems really gave it the edge over the others. Being intuitive and simple to navigate while maintaining great flexibility and also not sacrificing any of its powerful feature set to gain these advantages were likewise strong elements in favor of Ximble.

The Results

The HR team at Collab Inc. have really enjoyed how easy Ximble was to implement, and how trouble-free the interface is to use. They feel that the design, layout and feature set really show the Ximble team’s deep understanding of what an HR professional needs a software platform like Ximble to do, and how they need it to work.