Unique perspectives and insights can be gained from each generation and collaboration can provide amazing results, or mayhem. Learn how to shape your organization into a place where multiple generations work, co-exist and thrive with each other.

In today’s current workforce, it is entirely feasible for a company to consist of employees that have ranges varying from 16-80 years old.

This provides large implications for managing the needs of employees and balancing those needs against the organizations.

Each employee, regardless of generation, wants the same thing: to be engaged at work and be under good management that looks out for their best interests.

Yet, each generation holds stark differences in their values, preferences of communications styles, work habits and personal objectives. Naturally, this can cause disruption and even conflicts within the workplace.

Despite the stark differences between generations, each generation has always brought something new and unique to the table, creating dynamic and diverse teams in the workplace. The diversity may provide challenges, but they also provide valuable opportunities and insights.

So, how do you create and manage a cohesive multi-generational team?
Managing any workforce is never a simple task. In this infographic we look at common problems a multi-generational workforce can present and how to resolve them.