What won us over with Ximble was the fact it was inexpensive, could export to Gusto and was user friendly.
Our employees seem to like it too, telling us that it’s pretty easy to use!

Teresa Rischl
President, CARP America

The Challenge

CARP was having difficulty in accurately keeping track of their employees’ working hours, breaks and tasks. The current method in place was a form of spreadsheets that lacked the transparency, reliability and flexibility desired for optimal performance.

Yet, the solution they required had to be cost effective and easy to use for their small team while being able to connect with Gusto to maximize their operational efficiency.

The Requirements

While researching and considering their needs, CARP developed a checklist of mandatory requirements that the new software must address. They were as follows:

  • Must be user friendly
  • Integrate with Gusto
  • Be reliable and accurate time tracking
  • Provide transparency
  • Must be economically priced
  • Should simplify and expedite administrative duties

The Solutions

After investigating potential solutions and careful consideration, CARP concluded that Ximble was the best fit for their organizational needs. Ximble provided CARP with a dynamic means of tracking their employees’ working hours in an easy and unobtrusive manner with precision. Additionally, Ximble provided automation in their time tracking and payroll duties while being able to integrate seamlessly with Gusto, all at an affordable price while reducing the burden on administration.

  • Ximble’s time tracking created clear timesheet data
  • Provided way to quickly and easily approve hours
  • Can log breaks and activities
  • Simple Gusto integration
  • Speedy generation of payroll reports
  • Convenient exportation into Gusto, simplifying payroll
  • Highly cost effective
  • Employees like it too

The Results

Once CARP implemented Ximble’s time tracking features into the working environment, they immediately began noticing the benefits. Employees quickly adapted to the new system, reporting it was easy to use with admin defining it as user friendly.

Employees could more efficiently record and process their working hours, activities and breaks while integrating with existing platforms to further simplify their daily tasks. This has made it easier for CARP employees to focus on helping members get the most out of their services and lead a more fulfilling life.