Before we found Ximble, we were doing all of our scheduling and time tracking on paper. The difference Ximble has made to our payroll process is incredible. Now there’s no more manual data entry, and everyone gets paid on time.

Matt Foster
Owner, Carolina Moves

The Challenge

As a company that provides technological solutions to automate many of the processes involved in property management, the Carolina Moves management team were not unaware of the irony in their use of a paper-based scheduling and time tracking system and their manual entry of data into their payroll system, Gusto. They were also aware of how much time and energy were being wasted by their archaic processes that could be better spent elsewhere.

Given the system they were using, almost any dedicated scheduling and time tracking system would have been an improvement, but because of the remote nature of much of their employees’ work, some solutions would work better than others. Carolina Moves wanted to maximize the benefit of switching to a new system.

The Requirements

To be a good fit with Carolina Moves’ business, there were a few necessary features a time tracking solution needed to have. It had to be:

  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Integrate with Gusto
  • Account for in-office and remote work for the same employees
  • Be as automated as possible

The Solutions

Although several solutions covered most or all of Carolina Moves’ needs in a scheduling and time tracking solution, Ximble was the one that provided the best fit. The app-based clock in and out and the powerful, but simple to use interface were exactly what Carolina Moves was looking for. The scheduling templates allowed just the right amount of flexibility while keeping most scheduling tasks automatic, and the Gusto integration would take hours off of each payroll cycle simply by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

The Results

The transition to the new Ximble system was easy and straightforward. Questions the management team had during the setup process were answered quickly and efficiently through Ximble’s world-class support-team chat client. So far Ximble has fulfilled its promise by streamlining and simplifying the entire Carolina Moves payroll process, and has exceeded all of their expectations in terms of efficiency and ease of use.

The Carolina Moves management team were particularly impressed by how cost effective Ximble is. Ximble’s per user pricing has resulted in even more “bang for buck” than they had expected. They really couldn’t be happier with their choice of Ximble as their scheduling and time tracking solution.