It has easily saved us well over 50% of the time that we previously spent on scheduling. It’s easily scalable to suit our needs as we grow.

Sucheta Velankar
Director, CareCentric Pty Ltd

The Challenge

CareCentric was originally using spreadsheets to schedule employees. It became increasingly clear with their growth that spreadsheets lacked the scalability required to meet their needs, becoming increasingly cumbersome and prone to errors the bigger they got.

They needed something that was flexible, responsive and scalable to their needs, without sacrificing reliability, in order to provide the highest level of service possible.

The Requirements

During the research and consideration phase, CareCentric compiled a checklist of mandatory requirements that the new scheduling solution must address. They were:

  • Must be easy to use and accessible
  • Must be able to hide sensitive shifts
  • Alert staff of upcoming shifts
  • Expedite and simplify the scheduling process
  • Accommodate for business growth
  • Minimize the room for error

The Solutions

After careful consideration between potential solutions, CareCentric concluded that Ximble offered the most comprehensive package for their ongoing needs. Ximble provided a way to schedule that was truly responsive to their staff and clients’ needs. The process of scheduling itself would become simpler and faster, reducing the burden it placed on administration and management, making it an ideal solution.

  • SMS and app notifications keep staff on time
  • Delivers reports for useful and actionable insights
  • Customizable features to suit developing needs
  • Increased the efficiency of the scheduling process
  • Plan and view shifts from anywhere, anytime, across devices
  • Staff availability clearly visible preventing errors and conflicts
  • Ability to manage multiple locations and employees with ease
  • Incredibly easy and intuitive to use

The Results

The quick and easy implementation of Ximble into CareCentric’s scheduling process has seen a 50% drop in the time required for scheduling. The ability to view employee availability clearly, with automatic consideration of any approved time off and shift swaps has contributed significantly in expediting and simplifying the entire process, all while making the schedules more reliable by minimizing the room for scheduling errors and conflicts.

The shift alerts create a punctual and responsive workforce that is capable of delivering support where and when needed, while the ability to hide/mask shifts ensures that the stringent privacy requirements of the healthcare industry are adhered to. The reports feature delivers the information required to better plan and manage company resources in order to provide a higher level of care through increased operational efficiency.