We’ve now grown to five locations. Ximble makes it easy to create each week’s schedule while saving me time and helps me control my labor costs.

Candace Love
President, Bou Cou Dancewear

The Challenge

Manually producing schedules and then utilizing spreadsheets as the business steadily grew to better manage their scheduling needs became evidently inefficient and unsustainable. These methods couldn’t account for employees’ varying availability, handle multiple storefronts and assist in processing payroll.

Bou Cou Dancewear needed a solution that was quick, simple and efficient to use while being able to assist in pairing employee availability to the business’s needs.

The Requirements

While researching, Bou Cou Dancewear established a list of key elements that the new scheduling solution must resolve. They mandatory requirements were:

  • Should simplify and expedite the scheduling process
  • Must integrate with their current payroll system, Gusto
  • Needs to manage multiple locations with ease
  • Be adaptive and responsive to changing circumstances
  • Scalable for business growth
  • Provide a high level of value at a reasonable cost

The Solutions

Careful consideration went into deciding which solution was the best fit for their needs. Ultimately, Ximble was decided upon as it was deemed the most user friendly and intuitive, while resolving their key problems. Not only did Ximble simplify the scheduling process, but it was capable of improving the overall workflow of administrative duties and reducing the time constraints and burden of managing a workforce spread over five locations.

  • Incredibly easy and intuitive to use
  • Staff availability is visible at a glance
  • Custom staff working parameters prevent mistakes and scheduling conflicts
  • Better budget management through clearly visible labor costs
  • Gusto integration creates a seamless and error-free payroll process
  • Custom, repeating schedules are easily saved, edited and distributed
  • Schedule on the move from anywhere, at anytime
  • Ability to manage multiple locations and employees with ease

The Results

Simplifying the scheduling process through Ximble meant that managing staff had become a much easier, faster and less frustrating task in comparison to using manual or spreadsheet methods.

The ability to set up and customize staff availability and working parameters ensured that mistakes and conflicts were minimized, preventing any costly wastes of time, while schedule creation, saving and editing has reduced weekly scheduling duties to a few clicks. Additionally, timesheet data can now be speedily exported directly from Ximble into the Gusto payroll software, where the data can be processed accurately and error-free.