Our scheduling was done on paper, causing mistakes. Ximble gives us greater accuracy as the time worked data is automatically imported into the payroll system.”

The Challenge

Before starting with Ximble, Best Pets Veterinary Hospital was struggling with the errors caused by scheduling their staff using old-fashioned paper. They were also constrained by a time tracking system with no mobile functionality. For a busy veterinary hospital that makes house calls, this was a problem. In addition, the old system they were using provided no way for staff to communicate with each other regarding trading shifts or booking time off. It didn’t even integrate with Gusto, their payroll system, so time tracking data had to be entered manually wasting enormous amounts of time and producing yet more errors.

The Requirements

While searching for an alternative to a broken and inefficient system, Best Pets was able to delineate exactly the functionality they needed:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks was a must
  • Mobile access to the system for staff working remotely
  • A way for staff to communicate about shift changes
  • Checks and safeguards to prevent errors both with scheduling and with payroll
  • Integration with Gusto

The Solutions

After considering several options, Best Pets Veterinary Hospital decided to go with Ximble. It was the ease of use with the mobile app, and the seamless integration with their existing payroll platform that really made the difference.

They were also particularly impressed with the intuitive controls that enable employees to take care of much of their own shift management – trading shifts, requesting paid and unpaid time off, and informing management in a standardized and auditable way about shift irregularities.

The Results

The switch to Ximble from their old, paper-based scheduling and time tracking process has had a huge impact on the day-to-day operation of this very busy veterinary hospital. All told, Ximble is saving Best Pets an estimated 2 hours a week in admin time, and simply having everything in one place and accessible to all stakeholders is an important part of reducing the possibility of errors. That means there’s less chance of scheduling or payroll non-compliance issues as well.

Ximble’s standout feature for Best Pets Veterinary Hospital, though, came as a bit of a surprise. Using colors to code different tasks for the same employee has radically transformed how easy the schedules are for management to create and for staff to read. Though the direct value of this is difficult to quantify, the positive effects in all other aspects of the business are significant.