Ximble saves us so much time and offers superb accuracy in exactly how long employees are working – no more rounding up or down. It also gives employees more transparency in their pay.

Becky O’Mara
Director of Operations, Bearings Bike Shop

The Challenge

One of the biggest problems facing Bearings Bike Shop was inaccuracy in their time keeping. Because of their time keeping methods, they were forced to approximate actual working times, resulting in significant over-expenditure over the course of a full fiscal year.

Also, given Bearings Bike Shop’s involvement in multiple initiatives in multiple locations, making sure time keeping and scheduling data stayed organized was consistently difficult. When people in at-risk communities are relying on you, scheduling errors can cost more than money.

The Requirements

A successful scheduling and time keeping solution would have to provide Bearings Bike Shop with a number of key elements:

  • Simple to use
  • Precise and accurate
  • Be able to cope with multiple duties and multiple locations for the same employee
  • Incorporate robust reporting features for clear communication to staff

The Solutions

In the final analysis, Ximble came out on top for a number of reasons. The Ximble platform provided the ease of use and flexibility that was necessary, while easily covering all of Bearing Bike Shop’s use cases. Of particular note was that Ximble’s easy integration with Gusto, which Bearings Bike Shop uses for payroll, meant that there would no longer be any payroll errors caused by mistakes in data entry.

The Results

Once Bearings Bike Shop made the switch to Ximble, they found that the simplicity and intuitive nature of the user interface saved administrative staff several hours of time each payroll cycle. The increased precision and accuracy of the time keeping data was appreciated by staff and management alike, and the ease of access for each employee to their time sheet information was especially useful to the organization.

The only real difficulty they experienced during the transition to Ximble was in retraining staff to clock in and out via an app. Once everyone was accustomed to the new procedure, however, it was smooth sailing across the board.