When it comes time to approve and export hours worked, it is very easy to look over not only the individual employees’ hours but the total hours worked for the day and what positions each person was working. Overall it has just made our business proceedings easier when it comes to payroll.

Mariah Cuevas
Property Mngr, Armstrong Property Management

The Challenge

Armstrong Property Management required a system that was user friendly and could easily integrate with other software they were using. They needed a system with enough flexibility to give employees multiple positions or pay rates. Armstrong Property Management was in need of an affordable solution to manage their billing process, create schedules as well as track hours of work.

The Requirements

  • Optimized scheduling
  • System that can integrate with the software they are already using
  • Track work hours
  • User friendly and affordable

The Solutions

Armstrong Property Management hired Ximble to aid them in overcoming the challenges they were facing in the workplace. Ximble provided them with a user friendly platform with both employee scheduling and time clock features, a platform that integrated well with the software they had already been using. Ximble provided Armstrong Property Management with the ultimate tool to overcome their challenges and fit their company needs.

  • Integrates with Gusto and Quickbooks
  • Quick and easy employee schedule maker
  • No switching costs
  • Automated data transfer
  • Ability to give employees different positions and pay rates
  • Easily trackable clock in and out times

The Results

Since Armstrong Property Management started using Ximble, they were able to save a lot of time on task that they generally spent too much time on. They were able to improve their bottom line and overall productivity.

Ximble has made employee scheduling and time tracking a quick and simple task and payroll has never been easier for Armstrong Property Management.