Scheduling and time clocking problems can be the bane of any business. We show how to tackle them head on, improving operational efficiency and workforce reliability along the way.

Having the right employees in the right place at the right time and knowing when your employees clock in and out is a vital task for any business. But scheduling and time clocking headaches plague most industries that maintain an hourly based workforce.

Many complications and difficulties can appear while scheduling that obstruct the “right place, right time” concept. Even after scheduling, there are a numerous issues that prevent this from happening originating from the workforce, administrative operations or communication problems. All of which impact negatively on the workplace: lowering morale, increasing stress and consuming precious time is to name a few. Although there are solutions!

Certain time clocking procedures help to identify some of these issues, but they can also bring their own set of problems. Below we look at 6 employee scheduling and time clocking headaches that can impede your business’ growth and success, and offer suggestions on how to resolve them.