PTO Accrual, Tracking and Reporting

PTO Accrual System

The PTO solution is customizable so you can set limitations regarding accrued hours and carryover. The tracking solution allows managers to easily select their preferred PTO accrual method and assign newly created policies to one employee or more. Ximble provides the flexibility and simplicity you need to run your activities smoothly.

Creating a PTO accrual policy

Easy Accrued Balance Overview

The moment your employees start accruing PTO hours, Ximble tracks their use! Visibility of the PTO balances is accessible by both managers and employees. No need to waste time going through each employee’s accumulated working hours to assess their PTO or leave – just look at the overview and make a decision in seconds.

PTO accrual history

Requesting PTO

Employees can simply request PTO and track their own used balance as well as have an overview of all their requested PTOs. Managers also have the ability to do so instead of the employees in case they call in sick beforehand. You can also select the option to allow a negative balance where, even though your employee has not accrued enough PTO hours, they can still go on leave and then compensate for the used time later on.

Manage PTO requestson the go!

Include Used PTO and Balances in the Payroll Process

Used PTO hours and balances can also be included into the payroll reports! Running payroll can be a simple and fast activity. Instead of making separate calculations and summing up the totals, Ximble simplifies the payroll process and provides the ability to run financial activities all in one go.

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