How Zendesk compliments Ximble

The integration of Ximble into Zendesk creates a more optimized and convenient way of working for both management and Zendesk agents. Unification of the two platforms into a single interface allows for routine tasks to be seamlessly completed with ease without ever needing to leave Zendesk. The process of integration has been made a simple and smooth experience that can be completed in moments. Once logged in, a host of new functionality becomes available within Zendesk with operators able to view their schedules and upcoming shifts, clock in and out, and log their activities throughout the day all within Zendesk. Management will find equally useful features available, in addition to the available operator’s features, they will have a clear view of who is on shift and on breaks at a glance giving assistance in ticket distribution. Finding specific operators is straightforward using the filters and creating, editing and assigning shifts all become possible once integrated.

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When it comes to staff scheduling, time and employee management, Ximble is a pioneering solution. Within the simple and intuitive design is a host of powerful and dynamic features designed to empower management and administration to cut through daily tasks in a fraction of time. Through the digitization and automation, scheduling and management can be done from the workplace or on the go by using the web platform or the phone app, maximizing the productivity and efficiency of business operations. Shift swaps, drops and vacation requests can be requested at the click of a button by employees and based on management’s decision, Ximble will make all the required alterations for you. Whether your team works from a fixed location, on the go, across multiple sites or countries, Ximble has the flexibility and power to assist you in effectively managing your workforce with ease.


Zendesk is a customer service platform that brings customers and businesses closer together to in order to help build lasting relationships that are more personal and productive. It does this by helping companies provide exceptional customer support that proactively engages and tackles their customer’s needs. All of the features required to support their consumers are incorporated in a simple-to-use and beautiful interface that aids in tackling the challenging and information heavy demands of customer service. Utilizing their features for email support will provide you with an award winning and world class software, but by implementing Zendesk to manage your live chat messaging, phone calls and knowledge base will create a highly effective, omnichannel solution in one beautiful interface. Customers are able to approach customer support in the way they feel most comfortable with, while information can flow dynamically between channels ensuring the best support available is delivered.

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After an extensive search, it was Ximble that ultimately met every one of our wish list requirements. No other company could provide a complete solution for our needs. Ximble is simply better than the competition.

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