How Xero compliments Ximble

Ximble is the ideal business companion a business could have. With our many features and options, you can create a perfect tool to simplify and manage your daily work tasks. Your managers can now have a clear view of their labor costs and employee time tables all from one place. With our online employee scheduling and time tracking module, you can manage your workforce professional time with the click of a button all from the comfort of your home. Xero’s intricate online accounting software is the perfect solution to track your business’ cashflow. With the integration of our software and features, you can take your business to the next level and manage everything from any location. If you are using Xero, worry not because the Xero integration with Ximble is swift and seamless. Data can be exchanged between the two companies through the App Center. For example, you can sync timesheets from Ximble to Xero and employee information from Xero to Ximble.

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We integrate nicely with others.

Ximble is online software that helps managers digitize the way they schedule employees and track their paid time. Through Ximble, you can grant your employees permission to request shifts on their own in the schedule as well as request vacations or swap shifts with fellow employees. These requests are then approved or rejected by the manager based on the company needs and timing of the request. Ximble also offers a sophisticated time clock module, which facilitates the process of tracking employee paid time. Employees can clock in and out with our time clock from any location using mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Managers can set a specific location from which their employees can clock in from using geo-fencing.


Xero is a company that provides online accounting software for small businesses. They provide a plethora of features, such as invoicing, advisor tools, asset management, bank reconciliation, business performance dashboard, contacts and smartlists, multi-currency accounting, sales tax and many more. As they have many features, they are capable of covering a large amount of industries from retail and hospitality to eCommerce and non-profit organizations. The company makes invoice management, bank reconciliation and bookkeeping quick and simple. By allowing you to manage your finances through the cloud, you can run your business from any location though your phone, tablet or desktop.

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Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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