How TRAXPayroll compliments Ximble

Ximble is sophisticated employee scheduling and time tracking software used by various distinguished clients all over the world. With our automated notification system, employees can receive SMS and push notifications to alert them of new shift timings and changes in the schedule. TRAXPayroll’s integration with Ximble is done from TRAXPayroll’s end and the process is swift and seamless. You can import hours real time from Ximble into TRAXPayroll in order to run your payroll. Having both of our efforts combined, we are able to provide the ultimate managerial support you need to run your business smoothly.

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We integrate nicely with others.

Ximble is online employee scheduling and time tracking software used to simplify and facilitate tedious and routine tasks managers and business owners come across on a daily basis. With our fully customizable schedule, you can adjust the view and options to your preferences. You will be able to save time on tedious tasks and creating spreadsheets as all of your employee and schedule related information will be on the cloud, accessible from anywhere. You can also utilize our ximbleChat to communicate with your employees as well as ensure a clean and clear flow of information. You can also create groups to streamline certain information. Employees can also request available open shifts in the schedule as well as request vacations and time off from the same platform. Ximble has a time tracking module as well, through which employees can clock in and clock out from any location using their mobile phone, tablet or computer, and managers can then easily track their paid time and run payroll.


TRAXPayroll is software for running payroll and human resource (HR) activities for all business sizes. They strive to provide innovative and reliable cloud solutions that are user friendly and enable organizations to focus on bettering themselves and achieve their goals. TRAXPayroll provides services to a wide variety of clients from all industries, such as the educational and hospitality industry as well as healthcare associations, wholesalers, media agencies and more. They provide intricate solutions such as TRAXPayroll, TRAXTimecard, TRAXBenefits and TRAXACA. These solutions contain features such as new hire reporting, management reporting, PTO tracking, tax filling, wage garnishment, worker’s compensation solutions and more. TRAXPayrol provides leading payroll management solutions to over 32,000 reputable clients. They associate themselves with 24 leading partners to make sure they are providing their clients with the best and latest services available in the market.

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Ximble has been so good for our business. It helps us track employee hours, their schedules and it will automatically send out texts to other employees when someone needs their shift covered. No more calling each person and leaving messages. Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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