How Slack compliments Ximble

Integrating the Ximble bot into Slack unifies the tools your teams use for their working day into one platform, empowering employees to simplify their daily tasks and increase efficiency. Employees can carry out a host of capabilities within Slack such as clocking in/out, viewing schedules, logging activities and much more through typing in simple commands to the Ximble bot, resulting in precise time tracking and a simple and seamless workflow. All it takes for the integration of the Ximble bot is the click of a button within Slack. Once your employees log in with their credentials they can carry out all time tracking, activity logging, schedule viewing and shift-related requests with minimal disruption and ease within Slack.

Slack Integration

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Ximble is a leading company when it comes to staff scheduling, time and employee management. Our powerful yet dynamic software enables managers and administration to handle daily tasks with ease and in a fraction of the time. The production of digitized schedules that can be accessed from anywhere, adjusted or altered when necessary with ease, and incorporating automation to maximize efficiency are only a few of the benefits. Employees can create requests for shift swaps, shift drops and time off while management can decide with a click of a button, and Ximble will make all the required alterations for you. Whether you or your team works from a fixed location, on the go or across multiple branches or countries, Ximble has got you covered with the web interface and the Mobile app. Managing your workforce has never been so easy.

Slack masterfully improves operational workflow by unifying your entire team’s communications and hooking them up with the apps, services and resources they need to get the job done. Creating effective channels of communication and sharing files is what Slack does best. Searching for shared files, calls, messages and colleagues can all be done all in one place, while group conversations can be arranged into channels that help organize project, team and departmental discussions. Regardless of where your teams are in the world, switching between type, voice calls and video calls with individuals or groups of colleagues, with the ability to share desktop views, makes it possible to clearly and effectively bring context into your communications. Additionally, Slack integrates with your favourite apps to further improve your workflow and boost functionality, whether you’re in the office or on the go with the desktop or mobile apps.

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After an extensive search, it was Ximble that ultimately met every one of our wish list requirements. No other company could provide a complete solution for our needs. Ximble is simply better than the competition.

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