How Skype compliments Ximble

The integration of Ximble’s bot into Skype increases the unification of your business’s tools and streamlines operations for increased efficiency. Using simple commands employees can perform a host of everyday tasks within Skype such as clocking in and out, viewing schedules and upcoming shifts, logging activities and more. The result is precise time tracking and timesheet data of the working hours employees have been working, while creating an uncluttered and seamless workflow. To integrate the Ximble bot takes a matter of moments. Once adding the Ximble bot as a friend on Skype, you and your staff can complete all the time tracking, activity logging, schedule viewing and shift-related requests in a more organized and intuitive manner than before, empowering workers to remain at their optimum performance.

Skype Integration

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The powerful and dynamic features within Ximble empower management and administration to effectively schedule and manage time and employees. A simple and intuitive design allows for daily tasks to be tackled in a fraction of the time with the industry leading software. Whether you work on the go or in the office, using the web interface or the mobile app aids in maximizing productivity and efficiency in the scheduling and management processes. Employees can send shift swaps, drops and vacation requests at a tap of a button. Based on whether the requests are approved, Ximble will automatically adjust and alter schedules accordingly. Through the digitization of scheduling, time tracking and employee management, regardless of how many locations your team works from, whether they work on the go, across sites or different countries, Ximble is scalable and flexible enough to accommodate your needs and make employee management a breeze.


Skype brings innovative communications to businesses around the world. It makes it simple to share thoughts, tasks and experiences on whatever platform works best for you and your team, whether that’s phones, computer or TV. By bringing your entire workplace ecosystem into Skype, you enable a cost effective and dynamic solution to communicate with colleagues, partners and customers. Whether your conversations are one-to-one or group chats your workforce is capable of communicating clearly and seamlessly by jumping between text, voice and video communication. The additional abilities of file sharing and desktop sharing help to place conversations into context and expedite workflow and productivity wherever you or your team are in the world, at any time.

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After an extensive search, it was Ximble that ultimately met every one of our wish list requirements. No other company could provide a complete solution for our needs. Ximble is simply better than the competition.

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