How QuickBooks Online compliments Ximble

With Ximble’s plethora of features, you can manage employee scheduling and staff time tracking from the palm of your hand. Digitizing the scheduling and time clocking process facilitates the manager’s job tremendously. By having a clear communication flow and easy access to relevant information between managers and employees, your business can save time on miscommunication and misunderstandings related to shift assignments and allocated tasks. You will also reduce employees’ late come-ins and no-shows by letting them request shifts on their own and letting them feel more in control of their professional life. With the QuickBooks Online integration, exporting data such as employee information and timesheets is swift and smooth. You can sync information between the two companies seamlessly. All it takes for QuickBooks Online integration to Ximble is the click of a button and an Internet connection, and all your data will be exported into Ximble.

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Ximble is online employee scheduling and time clock software. Through Ximble, your employees can request shifts, time off and vacations as well as request to swap shifts with other staff members and cover for them. The manager’s job is simplified as he only needs to click accept or decline for the requests in question. Ximble also provides a simple solution for employees to clock in and managers to keep track of working hours and the employees’ paid time. Ximble’s goal is to facilitate the daily activities of managers more efficiently and effectively by reducing the time they spend on spreadsheets and tracking employeess’ work hours and instead focusing on business growth and goals. With Ximble, you can empower your employees and increase their work satisfaction and efficiency by digitizing your scheduling techniques.


QuickBooks Online is an online system that simplifies the process of bookkeeping, from inventory and sales to managing payroll activities and sending invoices. They supply the best accounting software for small businesses. They provide easy access to all your relevant company information through mobile and desktop. You can also make use of QuickBooks Online add-ons to make sure you are using their online small business finance management system. With QuickBooks plug-ins, you can make sure you are choosing the best one to fit the needs of your business. QuickBooks Online helps you manage cash flow, track expenses and have an overview of your business’ financial performance as well as give access to accountants to handle their activities from any location.

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Have used Ximble for some time. For a very reasonable price there is a lot of functionality and everything you need. The support is fantastic and on every time of day there is fast and useful support.

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