How QuickBooks Desktop compliments Ximble

Ximble provides a plethora of solutions to simplify the daily tasks managers have as well as empower their employees and increase their efficiency. With Ximble, you can manage one business or multiple businesses even if they are located in different countries from the same platform. The QuickBooks Desktop integration with Ximble is a simple and smooth process. You can sync data between the two systems by visiting the App Center. Approved time sheets from Ximble can be imported to QuickBooks Desktop where you will be able to see the hours worked. Employee information from QuickBooks Desktop can be synced to Ximble as well. The QuickBooks Desktop and Ximble integration makes access to data quick and simple as all your relevant business and employee information is in one place.

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Ximble is a cloud-based application that helps streamline and automate workforce management operations. Our online schedule maker was designed to be user friendly and simple. The intuitive design makes creating schedules and assigning shifts a breeze. You can view the employee schedule through a daily, weekly and monthly timeframe as well as clearly see all relevant information for each shift such as breaks, job role and more. The schedule is adaptable to your preferences so you can sort the calendar by job role, department and employees. You can change your current relationship with the employees and empower them more by letting them request shifts in the open schedule as well as submit time off requests. Ximble also offers a time tracking module which helps you have better control over your labor costs and run payroll with the click of a button.


QuickBooks Desktop strives to simplify daily business tasks such as pin notes to customer, employee and supplier records, track stock and purchase orders or create back orders. This software also allows you to make personalized email templates with your branding, track email history with customer details and send company files to your accountant through the cloud. It lets you invoice several people at once, track time and mark unbilled expenses before the invoice process as well as VAT tracking and management. The QuickBooks Desktop accounting software is user friendly, and you can import contacts from Outlook to QuickBooks Desktop as well as import and export data from Word and Excel. This sophisticated software also aids in building financial forecasts, creating budgets, tracking sales, expenses, profit and income.

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Ximble has greatly reduced my overall workload when it comes to payroll and scheduling.

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